Product Demo Videos can Increase Your Sale, Here is how to Create one for Your Business

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Have you launched your product in the market? Struggling to deliver your product’s value to your audience? It’s a great idea to make a demo video on your project where you’ll talk about its pros and cons and how your product can help your audience resolve their queries. Give a summary about your product in the demo video, letting the audience know the INS and OUT of your newly launched product.

The product demo video describes the working of your project by illustrating it in the demo video. It’s a pretty appealing way to communicate with your audience in such a way that they are convinced to buy your project. It’s some tactic to market your project in the saturated market.

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A product demo video is one of the most compelling ways to attract an audience. But you need to master the skill of how you can make project demo animated video.

Here are steps you can follow to make a full-fledged top-notch video about your product.

Step 1.

Take your time off to record a video.

Preplanning to record your video is a prerequisite. You can arrange the time, avoiding any restrictions. It would help if you were mentally prepared and mentally focused on making a demo video.  Animated videos are the latest video graphic way to introduce your product. People love watching animated videos.

Step 2.

Make a video on a specific template.

It’s a wise move to search your competitors’ demo videos and analyze how they formatted their demo videos. Once you get a clear idea and develop your unique format based on your analysis, start following that template to make your video.

Never try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, get ideas from other templates and make your own unique that can help you stand out.

You change colors, size, and font styles depending upon your product branding. Every format varies with the requirement of each project. You need to make changes and make a video that fully represents your brand product.

Step 3.

Make it realistic and supported.

The most brilliant move is to make your demo video close to reality. Let the audience feel your project when they’re watching it virtually. It will help you to build confidence and most likely will turn to your product. Built curiosity and leave a question intelligently so that they stick to your product to find the answer.

3d modeling, good music, and dynamic transition are necessary to engage the audience with storytelling techniques. Allow your audience to dive deeper into your project.

Demo videos must support IOS, Android, desktop, and PC.


Edit video

Once you’re done with the making process of the product demo video, it’s time to revise your video. Analyze deeply what needs to edit and what can be improved for a better user experience. Editing is q quite a fun part. You can master it with practice if you’re new to editing.

Alternatively, you can hire a videographer if you don’t have sufficient time to edit a demo video.

Do’s and Don’ts of making a product demo video.

There are some dos and don’ts in the making of the demo video.


  • Describe your project. In your animated video, it’s essential to introduce your project in a manner that describes the details about your project, leaving no doubt behind.
  • Give solution. Illustrate how your project solves the audience’s problem and how quickest it is to resolve the queries giving proper solutions. Point out the pain points and describes the benefits of your project.
  • Demonstrate working. It’s essential to show the working procedure to relieve the audience’s pain regarding any particular problem. Give a top-view instead of diving deeper into it.
  • Call to action. A call to action plays a vital role in engaging the audience to stick to your plans in any video. Give a clear-cut CTA by asking them a simple question or giving them a target to achieve.


Lengthy video. Avoid making the long video. Instead, please keep it to the point and give an overview of your project. Animated videos serve the purpose very well.

  • Could you not make it complex? Use clear and accessible language rather than using harsh language. Make it easier to understand, and try to keep it simple so that everyone gets an idea about your project.
  • Don’t just stick to features. Instead of just showing what the parts of your project are, it’s better to turn them into bennies and present the precise and clear Unique selling proposition that will help you stand out.

The demo video is necessary “Way” for your brand awareness and markets your product. It is a must-have for the following:

  • New launched products/offered. When you launch your product into development for the first time, there is a need to make a demo video on the characteristics and benefits of your project or the offer you’re giving to the audience.
  • Complex products. The projects/gadgets that are complex to understand for the audience must elaborate your deals in a conversational tone.

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