Professional Athlete Ashton Khan has Positively Changed Lives Around the Globe

Ashton Khan has started an online educational and sports school business.

Ashton Khan has started an online educational and sports school business. His life skills and sports courses have impacted 1000s of students from around the globe. Students have attended his courses from the US, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, England, Australia, and many more. During the pandemic students have been stuck at home and parents are looking for productive educational things their children can do. Ashton has provided just that at such a crucial time!

Some of Ashton Khan life skills courses include:

  • How to Become A Successful Student-Athlete
  • How to Overcome Fear & Be Confident in Yourself
  • Effective Study Habits
  • Wealthy Mindset Dream Big

These courses have been a huge help to students around the world. Giving them an opportunity to gain confidence, improve their study habits, be successful student-athlete, and become educated about finance. Ashton also provides students fitness and basketball classes, which students have been able to meet new friends and test their skills with people from across the world.

This success comes as no surprise as Ashton has been a true leader. Khan was the captain of 3 of his professional basketball teams and the University Team. A quote Ashton Khan lives by is “Let’s Impact the World” and he sure is doing just that!

How to connect with Ashton Khan to learn more:

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Written by Garry Logan

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