Professional CDR – Provides Answer on why Engineers Prefer Australia as a Migration Destination

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Australia is a country sought after many – and for a good reason. It is developing at a fast pace in infrastructure and technology. For these reasons, engineers are highly valued and in demand. With Australia experiencing a severe shortage of engineers, it is promoting the immigration of engineers from all over the globe, and migration has never been easier.

“Engineers are necessary for the rollout of the infrastructure of ports, roads, and rails. The recovery of Australia may be jeopardized if we do not have adequate skills and people in these critical roles”. Said Chris Walton, Chief Executive of professional engineers, scientists, and managers in Australia.

For engineers from the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Asia, Australia is becoming more of a dream location. The prospect of working there seems like an exciting venture to them. But the question is why? Professional CDR, an engineering skills assessment company who focuses on Engineers Australia assessments, digs right into this question, and brings you an insight into the mind of engineers especially those from the Middle East and Asian countries.

What is it That Intrigues Engineer the Most About Moving to Australia?

The first and foremost priority would be the income. If the engineers that work in the Middle East or Asia worked as hard in Australia, they would make more money and the working hours would be more flexible too. Most of the time, engineers work 8+ hours and with no bonuses. They believe their life would be more stable and balanced in Australia, especially financially – and they are correct to assume so.

Is migrating to Australia a Challenge for Engineers from the Middle East?

Thousands of engineers are migrating to Australia every year. As Middle East engineers watch their relatives and friends off to a better life in Australia, they can’t help but wonder; if they can do it, it must not be that tough. Moreover, the energy that comes with being a top engineer in Australia is worth all the trouble that it costs you. It’s a good investment in the long run for a successful career.

How Do They See Their Life in Australia?

Professional CDR has been in contact with numerous engineers all around the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Asia and has dwelled deep in their minds and thoughts about what they expect in Australia. They see a happy and fruitful life with a proper work balance. Most of them are tired of their routine at work. Many complain that they are wasting away their talent, which could be put to good use.

Tons of them expect their work conditions to be better and more professional, which they are mostly deprived of in their home country.

Why Does Professional CDR Recommend Australia as a Migration Destination for Engineers?

Australia has numerous career opportunities for engineers due to rapid economic growth and booming industries. Engineers would enjoy a high standard of life with a perfect work-life balance. The country has low crime rate and has one of the best healthcare systems globally, covering the hospitalization of Australians in public hospitals. Australians speak English; hence language is not a problem. Considering all these points, it doesn’t surprise why an engineer would like to move to Australia and live there.

What is Professional CDR involvement in Engineers Migration to Australia?

Professional CDR is an engineering company that offers a wide range of engineering skills assessment services for Australia such as Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), National Engineering Register (NER) and Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng). Skills assessment is a mandatory step before applying for migration Expression of Interest (EOI). Engineers who wish to migrate to Australia must have a valid skills assessment with Engineers Australia, and we support engineers from all specializations during this process.

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