Professional Personal Trainer Jondel Santiago Speaks on Getting Signed to Model Mayhem

Jondel Santiago has recently signed a contract with Model Mayhem. He has been working on his fitness to achieve his goals. Jondel Santiago currently works at Mount Sinai hospital located in New York City.

Personal trainer Jondel Santiago works with cancer kids at Mount Sinai. Jondel is very determined, which is the secret to his success. He wants to teach other people who are trying to succeed that anything is possible to do; they just need to be determined to achieve success.

The successful personal trainer is prepared to show his fans and push them beyond their limit until they achieve their goal.

Jondel was born in New York and raised in the Bronx. He has always lived by the quote, “You’ve got to believe in yourself so much… that your willing to take all the world’s pressure like an iron shield that feels nothing, knows no one and fears nobody… be willing to go through all the pain no one else can stand to feel”

In the summer of 2020, jondel has taught us we have to work hard to realize our dreams. His journey wasn’t easy. Jondel Santiago has recently signed a big deal with Model Mayhem and he is sharing this information to show anybody that if he can do it, anybody can.

Dwayne Johnson is Jondel’s primary role model because of his creativity, resilience, and hard work. The actor and bodybuilding icon is an inspiration because he never gives excuses. Jondel learned a lot from him, especially the rigorous training routine that helps him keep in shape.

Jondel knows that many people want to be fit and healthy, but they don’t have the will and courage to do it. He hopes to inspire people with his story, fitness workouts, and determination so they can achieve the fitness success they so much desire.

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About Jondel Luciano

Jondel Luciano is a bodybuilder from New York. His biggest goal is to prove to the people that did not believe in him that success will always be out of reach if you keep a narrow mindset. You have to work effortlessly before your dreams can come true.


Written by Umesh Agarwal

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