Professionally Popular The Birth of Bryant Goodlife author Bryant Molina

Bryant Molina, also professionally known as Bryant Molina is finally releasing his new book next month. Bryant was born and brought up in Los Angeles. He has worked in various fields and has a lot of experience. He has worked as a talent agent, producer, creative director, and now art collector.

Bryant’s early days were not so easy, it took him a lot of hard work and dedication to reach where he is now. He went out into the scary world by himself and returned to a different person. Bryant’s new book is about his world travels and conquests. Bryant Goodlife’s early travels had a significant impact on who he is today.

Over the last six years, he has lived on six different continents. In this book, you can see the process of how various people in his life came to be.

Bryant channelled his inner thoughts to stand firm on his dreams and beliefs as he received both praise and criticism from his family and friends. With his ability to strike many deals and his excellent communication skills, he gradually filled the hourglass of his life from the grain of sand of experience.

It all began on Croatia’s world-famous island of Hvar, where he became known as the captain of Hvar by the locals. He has produced a music video for Sony Germany with german artist the twins.

The journey did not end there; not all days are happy and good days, with goodness and soul-touching moments comes a time when one must face the other sides that are difficulties and struggles. He kept travelling with one after the other, as in his newly profound thoughts of thinking and seeing things that were once blurred kept crossing his mind, refusing to leave, telling him to do more, to help, to contribute.

He travelled to Bali and hosted events with well known YouTubers and entrepreneurs before it became a popular tourist destination. He stumbled upon becoming a Producer for Sony Music Germany, working with the twin brothers Lucas and Tim wehrle. He gained the courage to conquer and persevere in ever-changing new terrains. His development to how he became this larger-than-life figure.

Reading Bryant’s book may even teach some of us how to become professionally popular and conquer the world. Bryant will be the person you meet who will introduce you to your next lover or business partner. From hosting international art exhibitions, moving to new cities, and befriending some of the world’s most influential people, to using his skillset for good and assisting others in any way he can.

Bryant Molina is one of the most sought-after networkers in the world, and is expected to become the world’s best art collectors in the future! His book will be available in early June. Bryant can be reached at @bryantgoodlife and on his website.

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