Professor Honey Meets Money: How Nerissa Reaves Elevates The Benefit of Credit Restoration

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A staggering number of Americans are struggling with inaccessibility to real estate, lower annual percentage rates (APRs), and even jobs, all due to their less than ideal credit scores. In fact, a 2019 study by YouGov plc on behalf of ScoreSense® found that 53% of Americans have been turned down due to poor credit. Almost 20% of adults in the U.S. have a subprime credit score, which Experian defines as a score between 580 and 669. Nerissa Reaves, aka Professor Honey, wants to change this.

Additionally, according to, rising scores are becoming the norm, with more consumers than ever seeking the purchasing power that the 3-digit number dictates. One model-turned-millionaire-turned-finance-guru, i.e. Professor Honey, aims to change credit through her step-by-step process—bringing financial equity to all.

“There’s nothing like sitting or standing before a room of people, or even a single person at a table with me, and the excitement that’s in the air—knowing their entire life is about to change,” stated Reaves.

The founder of Professor Honey’s Credit & Funding Hive, she’s helping thousands of individuals and families restore their credit and build their businesses.

“So many individuals make mistakes without ever knowing they are mistakes because as a country, we haven’t properly educated or informed what really happens with tangible and intangible money,” proclaimed Reaves.

Committed to ending the inequities of credit through education and a hands-on approach, Reaves stated, “Credit restoration isn’t just about raising a number. Well-educated and financially-literate consumers add to our economy and move from poverty to wealth in doing so.”

While so many want to transform their body shape, size, or features, she believes that many forget that one of their most important assets needs attention as well. 

“I often teach that an 800 credit score is worth $100k in buying power, which could change the lives of millions of people,” she said.

With a Bachelor of Arts from Spelman College and a Master of Science from the University of New Haven, she is also an alumnus of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. 

“There’s a powerful calling when we become leaders,” Reaves explained. “The trajectory of my life has made me look deeply and introspectively at how I could bring others forward with me—financial literacy is spiritual work.”

­­Spending a portion of her childhood in Japan to study, Reaves saw first-hand the important conversations and different ways cultures speak about money—and brought her learnings to the United States, integrating each piece into her work as a model, video vixen, restaurant owner, and literacy coach. 

“My father taught me the importance of seeking out both education and information to thrive in a world that doesn’t prioritize either,” she stated. “He also ignited a passion in me for education, and my years as an English instructor in Saitama, Japan, still inspire me to this day.”

Building a life of wealth that’s working diligently to educate and transform others, she is intent on changing the way Americans value money—starting with credit scores. 

“That little number isn’t so little when it’s costing families so many missed opportunities,” Reaves explained. “Credit restoration gives brighter hope to the ‘American Dream’ as it creates actionable results that can be completely life-changing.”

When asked what she’s heard from clients who have finished her program, she believes the stories of prosperity are the reasons she works so hard to help others attain a brighter tomorrow. 

“A higher credit score allows each individual and their family to capitalize on the next stage of their financial literacy: Spending, saving, and investing,” Reaves said. “To so many, the idea of having a passive income seems unattainable, and I’m here to tell each and every individual that is a fallacy, and it’s completely within reach.”

Taking on new clients every day, her brand is about empowerment with a no-punishment approach. Her positive outlook inspires clients to think bigger about a better future. 

“I built a life that I’m proud of, and I want the same for each and every member of my business as well as those we serve; that’s how we make tomorrow better,” said Reaves.

About Nerissa Reaves

Nerissa Reaves is the founder of the Credit and Funding Hive, helping thousands of people restore their credit and get the funding they need to build their businesses and establish opportunities for passive income. She has been featured on, MarketWatch, and Sheen. Click here to learn about her program:

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