Project Management Software – A Quick Start Reference Guide

Discover the many benefits and features of project management software.

Every business, small or enterprise, requires proper planning of what needs to be done. For example –a business owner cannot launch merchandise before deciding the brand name. Some steps need to be done first hand and in a proper channel where the concept of project management software comes into the field. 

Project management software is an online collective application.  Wherever inside the platform, teams can plan and track their business progress. In addition, industries use such software to map out the distribution of tasks between the team members.

The software gives a clear summary of the plan and the progress. Time management efficiency gets improved. According to the 2019 survey, 65% of projects were delivered on time because of project management software.

What are the Best Features of Project Management Software?

  • Industry can track the progress, plan, and efforts placed into the project—better task management includes time tracking.
  • Businesses get better access for collaboration. The implementation grows faster.
  • Data can store in the software with a quick file share option.
  • The software provides better customer service with prompt reporting and communication.
  • Project management software can generate automated bills.
  • The business improves efficient time management.

Types of Project Management Software


One of the best approaches is integrated software. The application gives a medium to run multiple projects at the same time. The platform is the mainstream that is available to different teams working on multiple tasks.

Each task can assign to an individual team member. The best representation of data is displayed in a dashboard interface. It is server-based software that provides customization and access to data of multiple projects and tasks.

They are common portfolio management, time tracker, task management, planning, and in-app communication. Easy to operate and suitable for every type of business. There is an upgrade in the software of some companies to a mobile version.


The software, thru a simple spreadsheet with all project management software features, is termed as Individual. The only business manager usually uses such an application. There is no connected user interface for the whole organization.


As the word suggests, this software is a collection of work of the entire time come together. Data can be planned and accessed by other team members as well. There is a stretch to boundaries. Customize as much as business requirements.

Although the software applies to one-time projects, the only setback is that data cannot be linked for multiple projects. Other than that, this application is great for task and time management.

What is the Best Free Project Management Software?

The best applications provide free trials for a limited time. Check the suitable software as per the business requirements by signing in for a trial period.

Although a free subscription may not come with premium features, it will work for one access project manager. Make a free account on the most known software such as Zoho, Teamwork, TeamGantt, and ProofHub. Many of these solutions can also act (or provide) additional services to cater to the needs of a CRM platform as well.

Or use Redmine for 100% free project management software. The only drop back is that users have to maintain by themselves. It is an open-source and not a private accessed application.

Best Project Management Software for Small Teams

Don’t use more than $15 if the business is small. In contrast, do get a subscription of software like Zoho of a low-cost package for good quality project management software.

Other options are also available such as Teamwork and TeamGantt.

In Conclusion

For better management of the business, great software can accurately thrive the business up at its best. Project management software can improve the strategy implantation, time track the progress and task of the project.

A recent survey taken by Capterra also reported 76% of project management software users used the application for task management and improved their businesses. With so many businesses and organizations already using project management software in their day-to-day operations, doesn’t it only make sense for your organization to do the same?

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