Pros and Cons Of Influencer Marketing For All Businesses

Table of contents

  1. How does influencer marketing work
  2. Pros of influencer marketing to businesses
  3. Cons of influencer marketing to businesses
  4. Final thought 

Ever seen your favourite blogger review a product with loads of positivity and praises? That is an influencer/blogger sharing their thoughts about the product in a way that makes their viewers want to try the brand as well.

Influencer marketing is a very simple yet highly trendy marketing tactic that brands are using these days. Businesses are aware of the power the internet holds, and how viewership on platforms like Instagram and YouTube can make huge differences for their brand sales.

How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

In order to become more competitive and keep up with the trends all competing brands are following, your business’s digital marketing strategy should also include influencers. But how does influencer marketing work?

Influencer marketing has many forms and mediums. Businesses have a huge pool of options to choose from, including which blogger/influencer they want to opt for, as well as which platform they think is more suitable for their brand.

It can be YouTube for video content, which is usually more suitable for lengthy product reviews that include gadgets. Beauty products, clothing, accessories and anything related to fashion work well on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a great platform for marketing art and craft products, services, and supplies.

Of course, the choice of platform will depend greatly on:

  • Your audience
  • Your goal
  • Your budget
  • The type of content you want
  • Brand image

Here are the steps involved in influencer marketing:

  • Businesses reach out to influencers through their social media handles or through work emails. Some influencers also have agencies managing them or individual managers who take care of dealing with all brands.
  • Influencers look up the brand, understand the product or service and decide whether or not they want to collaborate.
  • Influencers have different charges for different types of posts, stories, videos and content. The more detailed the content, the higher the charges.
  • Business and influencers negotiate on the pricing and start planning strategy and content.
  • The influencer publishes content as per the finalized strategy.
  • Influencer’s followers reach the brand, increasing engagement and variety for the influencer and traffic and sales for the brand.

When businesses depend solely on their own platforms and mediums of marketing, they have less brand exposure and continue to target their marketing efforts at a very monotonous audience. With influencer marketing, brands are able to reach a different audience that already trusts the influencer and is much likely to perceive the brand as trustworthy as well.

Pros Of Influencer Marketing

  • Making the customers trust the brand

You can expect your target audience to trust your brand immediately when you are marketing your product through an influencer. An influencer is thought to be an expert at the work they do and the niche they are in. Consequently, their followers look up to them and trust them for reviewing and recommending only genuine and high-quality products.

  • Does Not Require a huge budget

The best part about influencer marketing is that it acts as a huge alternative to celebrity endorsement for advertising. Brands can use influencers to market their products to a huge audience without the need for huge sums of money going into the campaign.

Of course, there are some influencers that are extremely popular and might charge huge sums of money. But if that is not what your business requires and you don’t have the right budget for it, you can always go for micro-influencers and still achieve your goals.

  • Makes advertising more natural

Influencers have a certain way of presenting a product, service or brand that makes them very natural and honest. Their reviews, unboxing videos and other such content is very relatable, simple and does not make the whole thing look too made up or pushy. Consequently, customers can relate more to the brand and find it more amusing.

  • Focus on other tasks

Of course, the biggest advantage is that you won’t have to worry about the creative strategy. You can spend that time and energy on things that you are better at and think are only manageable by you. An influencer will take the burden of creating content away from you, so you can focus more on the actual business.

Cons Of Influencer Marketing

  • Chances of choosing the wrong influencer

Many businesses have learnt this the hard way. They have spent a good sum of money on influencers already, only to find out that the influencer does not have the appropriate reach or content quality they were looking for. Sometimes, brands have to rely highly on an influencer, which might lead to the influencer becoming dishonest and not doing enough for the brand.

To avoid falling in the hands of fake or dishonest influencers, you must make use of some good influencer marketing tools on the internet. Make sure you do a lot of research and see what other influencers are offering you for the same collaboration and content type.

Moreover, communicate more openly to an influencer about what your needs are. It is possible that an influencer was not dishonest and merely failed to deliver desired results due to lack of understanding of your brand and your goals. With proper communication, there are lesser chances for this to happen.

  • Tracking a campaign can be difficult

Tracking a campaign and its results are much more complex and inconvenient in influencer marketing because a campaign and its performance insights might only be accessible to an influencer if the content is posted through their platforms. You might need to equip yourselves with other influencer marketing tools that can help you get access to and monitor a campaign.

You need to have a fast and cheap internet plan with you at all times so you can keep checking and stay updated with the campaign and how well or bad it’s performing.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, influencer marketing seems like it’s worth the money and time. It is much more efficient, exposes your brand to new audiences and is also very cost-friendly. Keeping all this in mind, don’t forget to keep yourself connected with the influencer world and keep up with all the trends and changes in this growing market. An affordable internet plan for your business from buytvinternetphone might be your first step towards pro-level influencer marketing.



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