Psychological Aspects Related to ED

It is no doubt that Erectile Dysfunction or simply ED has troubled the life of men. The terror of ED is so much that even a 20-year-old boy is aware of it. This is also due to the rapid spread of ED which earlier was small, not evident so clearly among men.

30 to 40 years back Erectile Dysfunction was not a very heard topic among the masses. The problem was only faced by most of the males which are senior citizens. But in the present scenario, a major chunk of the adult men are victims of ED.

This indicates a lot about us, our eating habits, our sleeping habits, and other factors. All of them have deteriorated severely to create a situation where every adult man starts taking pills like Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista from

With Erectile Dysfunction or ED, the common people have a collection of misconceptions due to the lack of awareness about sexual education. One such pre-conceived notion which people have is that ED affects only our sexual life.

ED is indeed a sexual disorder so it will affect our sexual performance and the ability to satisfy our partner. But if we look at what happens in the daily life of an ED patient then one could feel the psychological challenges he faces.

Not only the person affected with ED but the close members of his family and his social circles also feel turbulence in their mental space.

How does ED happen?

Getting to know about the psychological aspects of ED would be much easier if we knew the root cause of ED.

To get affected there are multiple reasons out of which only of them could work and it is done. Most of the reasons are related to our daily life habits which became hazardous for our body.


Getting addicted may make us feel excited for few moments but deep inside our body, it keeps damaging it.

Our addictions such as Smoking, Consumption of alcohol, drug abuse is some of the reasons which result in poor performance on the bed. This is the reason that wives are going for extramarital affairs as their husband is busy taking joints.

And she is left alone, so she looks for someone who could fulfil her intimate desires. So, unless you want such incidents to happen to you as well get rid of all the addictions which you possess.

Unhealthy eating habits

Apart from our addictions our daily meal, the type of food we eat also determines our sexual health.

Food is the basic fuel on which the body runs and several biological processes are executed. So, to ensure that the machine runs smooth and the functions are performed with great efficiency it is necessary to take good food.

Nowadays the junk foods have been included in daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These foods affect blood circulation by blocking the opening of the arteries with cholesterol. This further raises the blood pressure which further results in hypertension.

To control ED, one has to make major changes to his lifestyle and the most important change is to reduce the consumption of such unhealthy food items.

How does ED affect personal life?

When one suffers from ED, not only he but most of the people around him suffer his wife, his close friends, his family everyone.

Another problem with ED is that you cannot share your thoughts with any person around you. Doing such things will only invite serious laughter from all of them. A man suffering from ED is treated as an incomplete man. The only definition of masculinity for society is the capability of having sexual intercourse.

Usually, an ED patient keeps all his thoughts to himself and slowly gets away from social life. He does not attend parties, weddings, and birthday parties. He loves to live on his own as he is afraid of someone treating him as a joke.

Such people also shy away from girls and refrain from entering into any relationship with them. As he is not sure if any day sexual interaction needs to be done, he would fail in front of her.

This results in decreases in self-esteem, self-courage and the sex drive in him vanishes away. Forget the erection of the penis, he does not even get the sexual stimulation. All these symptoms make him an irritated person who finally becomes a depressed patient.

Around him, everything changes, his friends are having kids and getting blessed but he is unable to do so. This thought of comparison always haunts him and he feels guilty for not being able to satisfy her woman.

In many cases, the partner of ED patients was found to be indulged in extra-marital affairs. Imagine a person already suffering from so many challenges and one day he finds his wife making love with someone else. In such cases, the couple gets separated due to ED.


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