PTSD Expert Jennifer Sweeton Sheds Light on Her Neuroscience Journey

Jennifer Sweeton grew up in the Midwest in the 80s and 90s and feels lucky to be blessed with a unique and free childhood. The internet can disrupt the human imagination – a fact that Jennifer Sweeton can relate to herself.

Without the internet and technology in her life during her childhood, she believes she was able to develop a vivid imagination. It had also enabled her to pursue goals with confidence and determination.

It has probably made me more resourceful and creative than I might have otherwise been.

Today Jennifer Sweeton is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in PTSD, women’s issues, and neuroscience applications to psychotherapy. She also owns her private practice, Kansas City Mental Health Associates, and is a renowned national speaker on feminist issues and psychology.

Being a skillful therapist with incredible knowledge of neuroscience and human behaviors, she provides her services as a therapist to clients who have experienced psychological trauma or other mental health challenges. PTSD is one of the most commonly referred mental disorders, characterized by extreme anxiety following periods of trauma, distress, and fear.

Jennifer provides trauma treatment to patients from various backgrounds and has been referred to as a “world-renowned trauma treatment expert” by PESI, one of the world’s largest education companies for mental health professionals. Having experienced psychological injury herself, she believes it has made it easier for her to relate to her clients and provide treatment effectively.

Her other business also centers around her passion for sharing knowledge and skills with others. She provides coaching to ambitious professionals with practical, brain-based skills that help them overcome mental and emotional roadblocks to reach their full professional potential and professional training to licensed mental health clinicians.

Usually, professionals are so involved in the modern rat race that they are overwhelmed with negative feelings that consume them to the extent that work gets affected. She helps such professionals get the clarity they require for success in the field of psychology and mental health care.

My main mission is to help high-achieving individuals recover from psychological injury and trauma, and optimize their brain functioning to improve their work performance, relationships, and health

Apart from providing her services as a therapist, she also runs her continuing education company, Online CE Credits, which arranges seminars, workshops, consultation, and professional training for mental health professionals. She makes sure that her company provides innovative and high-quality CE courses for counselors, therapists, psychologists, and social workers.

Jennifer firmly believes learning should be a lifelong and integrative process. That is the motto that drives her every day to excel at everything she does in mental health care and neuroscience.

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