Pulkit Sharma’s ‘When the Soul Heals’ Explores Spiritual Psychology

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Author Pulkit Sharma’s Book ‘When the soul heals’ explores spiritual psychology. It enables the reader to connect with his or her hidden psychic potential and overcome all emotional and psychological difficulties. The author talks about the book in detail.

The book is secular in its approach, and you will find mystical perspectives from Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Bahai Faith, the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and revelations of other great spiritual masters in a splendid confluence.

He continued that, “this spiritual psychology framework empowers people to connect with their psychic beings and experience a powerful transformation in their consciousness. The central message of the book is that psychological disorders are opportunities for self-growth and spiritual evolution and therefore they should be seen and worked through with a deeper wisdom.”

The author is a clinical psychologist and a psychoanalytic therapist and he got the vision to write the book while he was working. The author aimed to reach out to such people who are taking psychological help with something that gives them hope.

While working as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytic therapist, I figured out that all existing psychological methods have serious limitations. Research confirms that many people who take psychological help continue to struggle throughout their life. I felt disappointed by this and wanted to reach out to such people with something that gives them hope. This moved me to explore new pathways of healing. Shortly after that, I discovered spirituality and started integrating it into my work. Over time, this integrative approach made a big difference to the lives of the people I worked with and many of them reported feeling completely revamped. These positive experiences inspired me to write a self-help book that could support people in overcoming their pessimistic thoughts, negative emotions, and self-destructive habits by connecting to the psychic power within themselves. It took me around eight years to develop the spiritual psychology approach and two years to compile my thoughts and weave various step-by-step strategies, guided meditations, contemplation exercises, and real-life inspirational case studies together. The book reaffirms that all of us have an innate power to heal ourselves. Whenever we are in difficulty, it is crucial to trust this inner force and let it work freely.

The author explains spiritual healing and how it helps people “ People often consider spiritual healing to be a vague, complex and an elitist subject. However, it is neither exclusive nor complicated for it can be easily integrated into everyday life by anyone wanting to lead a meaningful and happier existence.

By becoming more aware of ourselves and the people around us, we can understand the reasons behind various emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns. Once we have this knowledge, we can find ways to bring positive changes in our life, our relationships, and our environment. Right from my childhood days, I have felt deep compassion towards those who suffer.

There was this dream of finding a way to turn the world into a happier place. As I grew up, this desire motivated me to study clinical psychology and I acquired proficiency in several forms of psychotherapies including cognitive-behavior therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, and trauma counseling.

I have been practicing as a clinical psychologist since 2005 and have helped several people suffering from different types of psychological, emotional, relational, cognitive, and behavioral problems.

The author shared a piece of advice for the youth in the fast-changing world “Difficulties, tragedies and ups and downs are a part of life. In such circumstances, we may feel a plethora of negative emotions and then we start questioning who we are, why we suffer, and what we want.

These questions shake our basic foundations as we realize that there are no easy answers. Life is too busy, noisy, and alluring these days, and it seems easier and logical to sleep over these questions and continue following the old ways.

However, for those who dream big — those who desire complete and permanent freedom from suffering, or seek meaning in life, a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe, striving towards perfection, and desiring unification with the higher powers, these questions must be pursued until one arrives at the truth. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes. You need to pause, look within and discover who you truly are. Only then your life will make sense.”

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