Punjabi Singer Upinder Matharu Is All Set to Rule YouTube

If you are a fan of Punjabi music, then the popular names of the singers will not be unknown to you. One such star in the sky of Punjabi songs is Upinder Matharu. Many a time, he performs melodious numbers on the lyrics of Binder Birk. Nowadays, this name has come to the limelight because of the recent YouTube videos. But don’t you make a mistake to think that Upinder sings only Punjabi songs. It is true that he is known as a vocalist for Punjabi music. Yet, you can consider this amazing personality to be a versatile genius.

A True Devotee

Upinder Matharu’s posts are mostly related to Guru Nanak’s words. Moreover, this is an excellent feature for which his Facebook followers are rising incredibly. Generally, the artist provides the links of his albums on his FB page only.

Thus, many of the listeners who are quite active on social media get instant updates of his latest albums. Furthermore, he loves to connect with the fans and chat like a ubiquitous person. It is really hard to believe from his humble attitude that he is such a famous celebrity. This is the sign of a true devotee of Nanak. At present, his page has followers above fifty-six thousand.

Moreover, almost every month, his fan-following is increasing. This is truly a delightful sight for the singer. He constantly expresses gratitude for so much love and affection.

If you want to write to him personally, contact on his official Facebook page. The impressive attitude of Matharu will really attract you. Moreover, you can learn a lot from his immense knowledge about religion.

Popular Videos Of Upinder

One of the most popular and heart-melting albums of Upinder Matharu is Sach Da Hoka. It is totally a devotional number with beautiful background. The lovely videos are pretty impressive. Moreover, with the help of YouTube, today, even international audiences can hear them. In the process, the singer can definitely prosper a lot.

However, on being asked, the great singer never acknowledges the want of wealth for singing. He says that he is alive just because of God’s mercy. Hence, all his songs are offerings to that supreme power.

Furthermore, he added that he sings directly from the heart, and this makes him truly happy. Music is the main essence of his life. Without music, he is incomplete. This love for music is reflected through all his albums.

Some of his other famous numbers are;-

Rulda Kissan
Oh Din Wadhiya

Basically, all his albums come on the YouTube channel of Up Beat Music. This is the personal music company of Binder Birk, the famous Punjabi songwriter. Therefore, you can see Upinder featuring in several of his albums and getting numerous appreciations.

2020 was a tough year for the whole world. However, that did not stop the brilliant artist from singing songs for the audience. The latest album coming up is Jadon Wajde Si 12. In the video, Bhupinderpal Singh Randhawa will also add his voice along with Upinder.

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