Purendra Kumar : A Journey of Struggling for Internet in a Small Village to a Successful Digital Entrepreneur

The digital marketing and content developing industry has developed massively in the course of recent years.

The pattern appears to be on the ascent and specialists foresee it will keep on developing. Organizations across the globe are attempting to acclimate to this ‘new typical’ post the pandemic.

The need to draw in clients outside the customary deals channels is foreseen to be the key for organizations in 2021 and ahead. Nonetheless, on the opposite finish of the range, the specialist co-ops are additionally thinking that it’s difficult to adapt to new advancements and extreme rivalry.

This has been an era that is influenced by the cutting edge advancement. It has allowed people with cerebrums to create; past cycles were something where just rich people used to turn out to be more extreme, average people never ached for colossal money and destitute people used to be out of the condition.

Purendra Kumar, a nerdy individual from a little village Dewada of a magnificent state in India, Chattisgarh, with gigantic dreams has gotten acclaimed by utilizing digital marketing space development. Coming from an average family, Purendra Kumar, when he used to talk about his tremendous dreams various people would just say these dreams are not for common people.

Purendra was never demotivated and was unequivocally made plans to discredit everyone by making a huge name in the automated displaying space.

Getting his insight about the significance takeaway from Social Media Marketing, Purendra Kumar clarifies,

Content is the king of marketing and quality content will absolutely arrive at new statures. Persistence is my mantra and key towards progress. The Digital promoting fad is wonderful; however for the individuals who are prepared to buckle down with predictable energy and devotion, nothing is inconceivable for them. Showcasing a brand over the web is an extreme undertaking, yet whenever dealt with quietly, you most likely prevail with regards to making impressions of the brand without any problem.”

Starting from a scratch, Purendra Kumar has already built a digital marketing empire with his digital marketing agency called PK Media agency that boasts of big names like Netflix, IPL and Tata Motors among their clients.

Incorporating the advanced advertising approach, the sequential business visionary become the distinct advantage for brands instead of simply drafting a pleasant to-have methodology.

According to latest reports, the computerized showcasing industry is developing at a pace of 25-30% in India every year. The country has one of the largest populations of Facebookers on the face of the earth.

The web-based media channels, fast digitization, online entryways, and so on have prompted the outstanding development of computerized promoting. Noticing the development in the business, Purendra Kumar has advanced and has taken a keen interest in computerized proficiency that works with prominent effectiveness.

Being a guy who has seen hard times, worked hard and became successful after starting his digital entrepreneurship journey from the tender age of 19 years.

His success is something that can influence today’s generation to work hard and dream big. He is the one from whom you can take inspiration that hurdles can never stop you if you are determined to achieve your goals. He faced many problems but never felt hopeless as we worked hard with enthusiasm.

His consistent nature of working hard day and night made him successful. So, you can take inspiration from him and succeed in your life.

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