Push Past Your Limits: 24-Year-Old Immigrant Shares His Journey to the American Dream

Moving to another country and adapting to an entirely different culture can be quite challenging. But Shamar Wayne Brown embraced the changes in his lifestyle and environment when he moved to the United States four years ago. He had his eye on achieving the American dream. Fueled by nothing but ambition, Shamar succeeded in his journey and emerged as a successful entrepreneur.

Shamar Wayne Brown belongs to a prestigious group of entrepreneurs and business owners who are dedicated to impacting the lives of the younger generation of business-savvy individuals, from college students to busy professionals.

Shamar and his team educate and mentor others on how to earn passive income on the side while simultaneously pursuing their college degrees and careers. The entrepreneur shared that there is so much potential in the e-commerce space. People only need to leverage on such opportunities using the right tools and business strategies.

Shamar Wayne Brown shares how their global network of leaders, coaches, and mentors connect with people from all walks of life to help them reach their financial, relationship, and spiritual goals. They don’t merely teach them industry secrets and tips to expand their financial resources but they also equip them with valuable life lessons. Shamar proudly explains that their approach is more holistic than that of other coaches and mentors. 

Like most of his students today, Shamar Wayne Brown also had to soak up information from inspiring people he came across when he first came to the country. Now, at twenty-four years old, he shares what he learned, be it through books or experiences, to those in need of guidance.

Shamar Wayne Brown said that his first few months in America were hard. He did not have a lot in his pocket to spend on basic necessities. Fortunately, he came across a group of driven individuals who had the same hunger for success as he does.

“They taught me that dreamers across the world are very similar. They are looking to do better for themselves and their loved ones. My mentors have leveraged their freedom to empower people around the world to build wealth on their own terms, myself included,” said Shamar.

Coaching and mentoring is Shamar Wayne Brown’s way of paying his success forward to like-minded individuals. He wants others to realize that entrepreneurship is the way to go, the best route for one to gain freedom in all aspects of life. Even if he’s an immigrant, he wants to make a difference in and for the United States, changing lives, one person at a time.

Shamar Wayne Brown is a testament to the American dream. His story is that of many other immigrants who aimed for a better future. With hard work, dedication, and a tenacious attitude, he proves that anyone can do it.

“Just know—in order to change lives, you have to be willing to go out and change your life,” said Shamar. “So go out and make it happen. Push past your limits,” he added.

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