Qader Nazari – The Renowned Professional Photographer

It is well-known that the only prerequisite for photographers is that they always have to be on the move and one such photographer who’s moving ahead in this profession is Qader Nazari.

Qader is a professional photographer who ventured his journey in 2015. Besides being an acclaimed photographer, he is a blogger. He has pursued Master of Photography along with the PPA Certification.

Photographs are the universal language of our era and it acquires a lot of passion and hardworkto learn this art of photography. Qader possess various skills which has made him a professional artist in this niche. Through his extraordinary creative skills, observation and focus he clicks masterpieces. He keenly pays attention to even smallest of detail to get a masterpiece.

Qader has got unique personality traits. He has got great Imagination, a sharp eye for detail, Patience, Flexibility and thriving passion running in his blood for photography. His passion has made him conquer the title of Silver Medalist Photographer of the Year and win Certified Professional Photographer Competition Award.

Qader is a hustler, he wishes to make a photobook of his own. He expresses to the society that “Storytelling is the cultural practice of sharing stories with others. There are many forms of storytelling—oral, digital, and written—and the medium used is often reflective of the people telling the stories.

Each group has specific tales they tell and many serve a purpose such as entertainment, cultural preservation, or instilling moral values. Photography, while also a form of art, is often a part of storytelling, especially in its digital form. One indication the art of photography has become its own form of storytelling is the phrase “a picture is worth 1,000 words.”

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