QQtube Alternatives: Best Similar Websites like QQtube

qqtube alternatives

YouTube is one of the most prominent social media platforms with over 2 billion monthly users. Gaining fame on YouTube is like a dream come true, but gaining a good reputation on YouTube is rather difficult since there’s so much competition these days. But there are still ways through which you can gain a reputation that you so much deserve and one of those ways is QQTube, which offers various services for boosting traffic on your videos.  It’s a great site that you need to check out if you haven’t already checked it.

But hold on! This article isn’t a QQTube review, but it is about QQTube’s competitors that may be a better choice over it.

Let’s check out those alternatives for QQTube without wasting any more time. 


viralyft - buy youtube comments

Let’s kick start this article with the #1 QQtube alternative that is Viralyft, Yet Viralyft is a great source for buying YouTube subscribers or views, they are well known in the YouTube promotion and marketing industry. With their 15+ years of marketing experience, they can help you get your video viral, increase social proof, and can boost your video’s ranking. The methods and techniques that they use to promote your video are safe, completely comply with YouTube rules and policies so it is guaranteed that your channel won’t get suspended.

They use real marketing approaches where they promote your content on various social media channels, and the subscribers or views that you’ll get will be from real people who will interact with your future videos. Their easy to use dashboard will let you track and manage the progress of your order. Their pricing is very low, minimum packs for subscribers starts from $10.99 (for 100 subscribers) while YouTube views pack starts from $6.99 (for 1000 views), and YouTube likes pack starts from $6.99 (for 100 likes).

In case of any issue or doubt, you can reach out to them through multiple support channels like email or live chat. Plus, they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, if they fail to deliver your order on time. And they also offer a refill guarantee just in case you lose subscribers or likes.


GetViral.io - buy youtube likes

On our 2nd spot we have a rather young site called GetViral, it was founded just 2 years ago and even though GetViral is new in the game, they are gaining recognition at a rapid pace due to their excellent services. They apparently promise you that their services are 100% genuine and they take full responsibility if they aren’t, which tells you about their customer-focused nature.

The plans that they offer are safe and usually get delivered quickly enough so you won’t have to spend weeks waiting for your subscribers to be delivered. The best thing about GetViral is that the views, subscribers, likes, or comments will be delivered very fast; this eliminates the chances of you getting blocked due to too many actions. Through GetViral, you can even choose your targeted audience based on age, gender, and country.

While GetViral’s services are known for their trustworthiness and top quality, the sad part is that the prices of their packages are rather high; but if you compare it with the transparency that they offer, then that price is definitely worth it. They offer 4 standardized packs, one at $12 (for 100 subscribers), $21 (for 200 subscribers), $51 (for 500 subscribers), and $71 for 1000 subscribers).


youtube marketing

Another reliable alternative (and I daresay the best one) where you can buy almost anything whether it’s genuine likes, views, comments, and subscribers. If you just started your channel, then you should try SocialPackages as their planning guarantees you long-term success.

Even though SocialPackages is the one-stop solution for YouTube but they also offer services for all other major social media platforms; it provides services for Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter (online marketing made easier eh?). SocialPackages packs are relatively cheap, their smallest views pack costs $20 (for 3000 views); while their biggest (read: costliest pack) costs $210 for (50,000 views). The time that will be taken by SocialPackages for delivering your order depends on how big your pack is. We recommend SocialPackages if you need marketing solutions for several different social media sites.

Views Expert

best site to buy youtube likes

Views Expert are quite new in this industry but still, they are gaining fame and loyal users with their high-quality services. When it comes to YouTube they offer five kinds of services, for views, likes, subscribers, USA views, and comments. And Of course, apart from YouTube, they provide services for Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and many more but their YouTube packages are the most preferred ones.

Their reasonably priced YouTube packs are totally worth it, their YouTube views plan starts from $6.99 (for 1000 YouTube views), YouTube likes plan starts from $10 (for 100 YouTube likes), YouTube subscribers plan starts from $12.99 (for 100 YouTube subscribers), YouTube USA views plan starts from $21 (for 2000 views), and YouTube comments plan starts from $5 (for 20 comments).

The buying process is quite simple, all you need to do is add your Channel/ video link to the package you choose and pay for it via PayPal. Within 2-3 days or earlier you’ll receive your package.

Follower Packages

followers packages

Follower packages are a performance-based social media marketing agency, they believe in the “snowball” effect (that is buying followers and likes from third party services can give a small push so that they keep on rolling).

Just like other sites on this list Follower packages also offer genuine views and likes for YouTube at a reasonable price tag. Followers packages help you in gaining more popularity and credibility that you deserve and that makes it easier for you to stand out in all that noise. Follower packages social media experts can help you make your personal profile or business (especially) trending overnight.

They also assure you with timely delivery, privacy measures, safe methods, and results you can trust, friendly customer services, you get all of these at an affordable and competitive rate.

Speaking of affordable rates (which aren’t that affordable) their YouTube packs start at $19 (for 2,500 views) and end at $175 (for 50,000 views). Meanwhile, their likes pack ranges from $20 (for 150 likes) and ends at $75 (for 1,000 likes). It’s costly but the push that you get from them will help you with long term success.

Get Real Boost

As the name suggests Get Real Boost boosts the engagement on your social media sites. You must be wondering, Is it legitimate? Well, if it wasn’t, then we won’t have it here on this list. They ensure that they comply with the social media platform’s algorithms while providing their services.

Once you purchase their packs their social media experts start with sharing your video with their networks and website partners so that you gain genuine subscribers who are interested in your content and interact with future content. While offering their services they don’t use any bots, tools, or software.

They promise to offer organic subscribers who’ll engage with your videos and hence boost your videos rank.

They offer 100-5000 subscribers with their pack ranging from $15-$355. Apart from youtube, they also offer services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud. Ah! They can also help you with engaging the targeted audience.


Up next we have Subpals, now unlike the big names above, one mustn’t have heard of this particular site, but according to our research and testing, this site turned out to be one of the best for purchasing YouTube likes, Subscribers, and Views.

Subpals also has a sister site called Mr.Insta which you must already know about if you’ve looked for purchasing packages for Facebook, Instagram, and others; but unlike Mr.Insta, Subpals is focused on providing its services for YouTube.  The best thing about Subpals would be their habit of delivering more than you ordered, guess they’re being the nice guy among their competitors; another great thing about them is that they provide package deals, these package deals are a bit expensive but these are packed with various amounts of likes and views.

Subpals has 2 options for subscribers, namely the normal subscribers and Automatic subscribers (get delivered bit by bit). Automatic subscribers also come with a “Free” option where you can get you around 10 subscribers in 12 hours (pretty cool eh?). Other than that Automatic subscribers are also a tiny bit cheaper than the normal subscriber’s option.

Subpals come with 24/7 customer services that are more than ready to settle your doubts and you can easily purchase their packages via Paypal or Credit card. Ah! Almost forgot! You get an option of spreading likes and views in the Package Deals options.


AlwaysViral is another great social media promotion platform, with its professional-looking interface and friendly 24/7 customer support that answers any question no matter how big or small, within a few minutes. They have been in this industry for +10 years, making them one of the most reliable and trustworthy social media marketing companies.

They have satisfied 25k happy customers till now, plus, AlwaysViral users say that They earned money through royalties. They are confident in their high-quality services and team, hence claim to give guaranteed results. Some of their features are: delivering 100% real views, subscribers, and likes within 1-2 days. They take their client’s data privacy seriously and for their services they never ask for login details or a password.

Plus, they have a team of experts who will take care of their user’s data security. And if in case you don’t like their services or don’t want to lose subscribers they offer a 100% money-back guarantee and retention guarantee. If in case you lose any of your subscribers or likes and you are still in your warranty period, you just need to create a ticket and they will replace it for free. For payment, you can use bitcoin, PayPal, debit, and all major credit cards.


QQSumo is also very popular when it comes to buying real and high-quality services, they have been in this industry for almost +7 years now (started in 2013). By now they have worked with over 50,000 clients and have built a good reputation with their reliable services.

Other than YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they offer services for 14 other social media platforms. Even after offering a variety of services for multiple social media platforms, their website is easy to use and well organized. Plus, you can track the progress of your order easily. They use white hat marketing methods (promoting content without violating search engine guidelines). They promote content through sponsored placements, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and premium networks.

And of course, in case of any issues or doubts, you can contact their customer support. They are confident with their services, hence they offer a 100% money-back guarantee (conditions applied). QQSumo delivers its services within 1-2 days, after placing your order. They are serious about their client’s privacy so they make sure that their client’s personal details will stay anonymous. And if there is any drop off in your likes or subscribers you can contact them they offer a refill for free for 2 years.


Virool, it is specifically a video advertising platform. With every social media platform, organic growth is important but for YouTube, it’s a must as you can’t breach their strict rules and policies otherwise your account will be suspended. Plus, YouTube is smart enough, it’s easy for it to detect unusual activities. And that’s why we recommend Virool.

You just need to host your video no matter its length and they’ll distribute it, you can customize your campaign too like adding banners to drive the action that you want the most, Virool will design it for you. Plus, you can target your audience based on demographics, behavior, or geography, Virool will place your video where your ideal audience lives.

After launching your campaign you can see every single site on which your video appeared. They have partnered with over 100,000 publishers and more than 30000 marketers trust this platform for their YouTube channel. They can help you according to your business needs, no matter how small or big.

You can create a free account with them and start your first campaign with $100.


So finally we are done with this list, hope you found a perfect QQtube alternative that fulfills your requirements. Now, we might have missed some of the best websites which were equally worthy to be listed in this article, but as we were trying to keep this article short, we couldn’t add all.

But all the websites that are listed in this article are 100% real and trustworthy. If you have any type of query or suggestion, do leave us a comment below.

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