Quantum Plane’s Journey Towards Becoming an Established Artist and Entrepreneur with VIP INFLEWNSE

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MarQuan Williams, known better by his stage name Quantum Plane is a talented rap artist, songwriter and Digital Marketeer who is rapidly scaling up the ladder of success. He was born and brought up in Detroit, MI USA. He founded Viral Influencer Promotions INFLEWNSE.

It is a Digital Marketing and promotional agency that might have come to action late but the rate at which it is progressing remains unparalleled. The 33-year-old artist aims to get much-deserved recognition for his talent and services. In case you wish to promote your music, manage your social media account, develop and upgrade your brand or artist or advertise your services, Quantum Plane is your go-to man. Besides this, he also offers influencer marketing, concierge services and many more.

Speaking of his educational background, Quantum Plane attended three high schools in Detroit. This includes the Osborne High school situated on an east 7-mile road. After completing high school, he pursued Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Wayne County Community College. It is a public college located in Detroit, Michigan.

He stepped into the world of business many years ago. It happened before he relocated to Koh Phangan in Thailand in 2017. He kickstarted his social media business two years ago in 2019. Since then, he never had to look back in his life. It is only recently that he has upgraded and expanded his business. To date, he has worked with numerous established musicians, Influencers, models, brands and agencies. His clients have even testified about how his involvement helped them scale higher in the industry in a short span.

Quantum Plane got into digital marketing during a rather harsh circumstance. “I got into this field of business during my time living in Thailand facing homelessness and battling depression. Digital marketing became my way to survive and make a living for myself”, he further added. Quantum Plane was able to set and achieve many milestones during his journey.

He earned a lot during these two years. In fact, it surpassed the total amount that he had ever earned in his lifetime. Besides this, he was able to experience new challenges which helped him develop and sharpen his skills. He also learned and devised new growth strategies to help his clients.

MarQuan Williams does not plan to stop here. He has many plans for his future. For instance, he is presently invested in his first official EP album and is very excited about it since he has been composing and performing music ever since the age of eleven. Even though his short-term goal is to earn millions, he claims that in the long run, he will be able to generate revenue in trillions! We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours.

Connect with him on Instagram to know more:

Instagram- @thequantumplane

YouTube- https://youtube.com/channel/UCF423f8HvXIGqdrizFzkJ7g

Tiktok- https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSehuMgHy/

Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ALjsOqjvtDToFWx4aA4TP?si=7KhmjP9sSAyYSDeft0glqw&utm_source=copy-link


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