Quick Steps to Make a Digital Wall Calendar

The concept of a wall calendar is very familiar to people. People of all ages have used a wall calendar throughout the years. It helps people in visualizing dates in a month with the days they include. In this way, millions of people plan months accordingly.

Wall calendars served their purposes when life was easy, and schedules were less hectic. You can write events, meetings, and functions on to the boxes provided. However, in the current scenario, smartphones provide us with a calendar in just a click. While events and meetings are constantly added and updated to your schedules, using wall calendars is not feasible. Several people, thus, have turned to the calendars on their smartphones.

But the entire motive of wall calendars was to keep the whole family informed about each other’s schedules and family events. The solution is a Google calendar wall display. Digital wall calendars are a perfect solution to keep the entire family synced with upcoming events and meetings. These digital calendars stay updated and keep the backgrounds visually pleasing with the picture of your choice and provide you with both worlds’ best.

You can turn any tablet or monitor, or TV Device into a digital wall calendar with a few simple steps. You can keep track of your personal, work, or family schedules with a digital wall calendar.

Automatic update of events

 Since these calendars get synced with the calendars on your smartphone or any other device, it automatically updates your events. Any time you add an event to your calendar, it syncs your data and shows up on your digital calendar instantly. The plus point is the background of your beautiful digital calendar according to your liking.

Further, digital calendars can get viewed with GIFs and photographs on specials events for a more personalized view. Along with it, you can also add widgets of your choice. These widgets include weather, quotations, notes, news items, clocks, etc. Digital timetables can get customized per your likes and ease. And with your events and functions updated automatically, everyone in the family is informed and aware of upcoming changes and updates.

List view along with dark theme mode is also available

The calendar is also available in the dark theme mode, making it comfortable for nighttime view. Further, it can also get displayed in a list view for ease of access and convenience. With Digital calendars, you can stay prepared for upcoming events and schedules with ease. For more personalization, little notes or maybe little inside jokes can get added as well. It can help you and your family stay aware and inspired to handle the tasks of the day!

Background of your choice with schedule

 You can select or stream photos directly from your smartphone or any electronic storage device synced. With your digital calendars connected to your photo album, you can stream new display photos per your choice and liking. You can get those photos off your phone and directly into your home! Backgrounds of your choice can help you in reliving precious memories with your family regularly. Along with memories and pictures, you can also stream amazing HD photos of nature or art, or wildlife, all within a click.

Add personalized photos and GIFs for special events

 With digital means, you can bring your calendars to life. Since these calendars provide customization at their max, you can add pictures and GIFs for specials events and days. By adding an image or GIF to your synced calendar, you can view it automatically on your digital calendar. It is simple while making you and your loved one feel special.

Personalize display and size

 Your digital calendar is not just limited to your smartphone. If you want a bigger screen for your electronic calendar, you can set it up on any smart device. You can use it via an HDMI cable of your choice. From 5 inch smartphones to tablets, monitors, or television sets, you can use your electronic wall calendar on any device while keeping your family informed of schedules and events. Since these calendars also provide a list view of upcoming tasks, you can display your weekly schedule on your small screen. But with a full view of monthly tasks or a display of multiple weeks, a larger screen is recommended.


You can choose to go anywhere according to your convenience and ease. You can place it at your work desk, living room wall, kitchen, bedroom wall, kitchen counter, etc. However, you must choose a location where you can have access to a power source.

Design and style

If you prefer a modern and put-together look, you can opt for sleek tablets or an LCD screen. Moreover, before selecting, you must check out the power cables and HDMI connections of these devices and if they are according to your style. You can set your electronic wall calendar in a few easy and simple steps.

  • Select the option of adding a new display from the app of your choice for your digital calendar.
  • You will have a code that connects your app to the device’s choice for your electronic wall calendar. It will complete the setup and take you to display settings.
  • From settings, you can add the displays of your choice, including widgets.
  • Next, you must synchronize the calendar on your smartphone to your electronic wall calendar. You can choose the type of view according to your convenience.
  • After authorizing both the calendars, you can save and view your calendar on the selected display device of your choice.
  • With customization available, you can choose the size and the different types of layouts available.
  • Further, you can personalize your viewing with a listed, monthly or weekly view. ​
  • For the background display, you can choose various options from family photos to photos of wildlife, nature, art, etc.

Digital calendars can bring a customized, fresh, and inspiring view to your schedule, helping you deal with the hectic and busy lives we all live in the 21st Century, all in a few steps and clicks.

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