Quicklotz: The Best Site to Buy Mystery Boxes


#1. Quicklotz Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes are famously sold by large-scale wholesale liquidation companies. One of the most notable and highly rated companies that sells mystery boxes is Quicklotz.  This is a company that runs online auctions as well. They offer local pickup as well as nationwide shipping, so no matter where you are you can join in the fun.

There are different boxes for all kinds of categories such as electronics, fashion or even general merchandise. In recent years the concept of the mystery box has truly taken off; it can be a fun surprise or even a source of inventory for savvy resellers on eBay, Amazon, or Mercari.

These boxes contain a set theme and estimated value, which means you can have a general idea of what you may get! You can end up with an assorted variety of high-end goodies within a mystery box. From appliances, and electronics to sporting goods, gadgets, apparel, and shoes, etc. There is a lot one can find within them. Here is a general review of the Quicklotz line of these exciting products.

What is a mystery box? 

A mystery box can be a highly efficient way to generate merchandise for the purpose of resale or even as a one-stop-shop for holiday gifts. Half of the fun is not knowing what exactly you might get, oftentimes we have found customers ending up with single items that can pay for the whole box!

For instance, if you go ahead and buy a mystery box online for $75 then you might receive products with a value of $300. However, as the name suggests the content of this box will always remain a mystery until they are delivered.

What can I expect when I get a mystery box? 

quicklotz mystery box

Although as we have mentioned before the content within the mystery box will always remain a mystery until you actually have it in your hands. However, there are certain expectations that you can have from the box that you are getting.

For instance, the seller might promise to include products of a particular brand within the box. This helps you estimate your resale value or what the merchandise might be good for.

If the seller has promised that the value of the products will come to at least $300, then you can rest assured that this is exactly what you will get. However, there could be some misleading mystery boxes that do not give you the actual value that has been promised in the description.

Therefore, it is better to stay informed about the best brands of mystery boxes online and only purchase from reputable suppliers in the liquidation industry, this ensures you end up with a quality box and walk away with a profit.

The Evolution of The Mystery Box 

Mystery boxes really had a humble beginning. However today they include every category imaginable. Some years ago, mystery boxes were basically dominated by products for geeks as well as gamers. However, this did not leave much for everyone else. Today on the other hand there is something within these boxes that is meant for everyone. 

Moreover, it is not just the range of content, but also the quality which has improved a lot. Today people can expect to occasionally find designer goods like iPhone, PlayStation, Louis Vuitton accessories, and so on for less than half of the retail price. 

Today tech is one of the most commonly found categories in mystery boxes. From Apple and Samsung to Microsoft and Sony, there are various offerings related to technology. Moreover, mystery boxes can also help people upgrade their closets, they can even include top-tier brands such as Supreme, Gucci, and more. At the same time, you can get products from places like Nike, Adidas, Polo, and a range of other well-known brands.


  • All items are retail-ready 

One of the best parts about mystery boxes is that if you don’t like the stuff from the box, and you don’t want to keep it, then you can always resell it. Mystery box sellers make it a point to keep items in great condition. Therefore, without much additional work, you can easily resell the items for a profit.

  • Most products are shelf-pulls from major retailers 

Major retailers and eCommerce giants cycle through the merchandise that sits on the shelf or warehouse rack too long, these items end up in liquidation mystery boxes. However, you don’t have to worry about the products being too old, since this merchandise is only put in a mystery box in order to make space for the new items that the retailers feel will move rapidly.

At the same time, such items will always be within the current trend, so you don’t have to worry about getting outdated or damaged products. It’s very cost-efficient, and very rarely a small amount of repair is involved in minor damage of some products.

  • You can choose your preferred category within mystery boxes 

Today you can find more than just unknown items, a mysterious box for nearly every category is available in the market. Established liquidators have started to sell mystery boxes that come within a specialized category. For instance, you can have a mystery box that comes with only clothes. Or you can have a mystery box that only comes with kitchenware. Therefore, you do not have to buy a random mystery box that basically serves no interest of yours. 

  • There is a great possibility of earning a large profit 

From these numerous items that you get within a mystery box, you could get a simple product that has a mass-market value (think sunglasses, phones, gadgets). As a matter of fact, many times people get products that are much more expensive than the actual money they have paid for the mystery box. 

Sometimes you might even get a combination of products which when used together provide a high resale value, so the potential for sales online is huge.

  • There is a large variety within a very small price 

As already mentioned above, you will be able to get a variety of items within your mystery box. Of course, what their actual worth is will depend on the items, but when speaking about the quantity you are able to get a lot more than you would have been able to buy on your own. For instance, many mystery boxes can feature 100 items for just $200-$300. 


  • Some companies could mislead you 

There are times that you might get more than 100 items within the mystery box. However, these items will be of so little market value that you could feel that you have been cheated out of your money.

There are many companies today that guarantee they will give you a large number of products, but they do not ensure quality. 

  • There is no warranty or guarantee 

Unlike the products that you buy off the open market, you will not get any kind of warranty or a guarantee on the products that you get with a mystery box. Sometimes you might get faulty products, and you will not be able to return them. This could even happen for high-profile products like iPhones, gadgets, etc. 


  • There is a level of uncertainty 

As the name suggests, this is a mystery box. Therefore, no matter how high hopes you have or how full of faith you are, there is a slight chance that you might end up disappointed. To mitigate this risk, only purchase from a reputable company (such as Quicklotz) that has a reputation in the industry. This helps to reduce the gamble and give a more certain outcome. 


quicklotz mystery box

A mystery box can prove to be both good or bad. Really it depends upon the brand and the company that you are choosing to get the mystery box from. Our general advice would be to pick a particular category within the mystery box that suits you well and that you feel can be easily resold.

In this case, your loss can be minimized while your profits can be maximized! 


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