Quitting Your Job to Become a Full-Time Entrepreneur Isn’t Easy, But It’s Worth It

From the beginning – a change of routine is necessary. If you decide to become an entrepreneur, just know you will work more hours than you worked at a 9-5 to have a life of freedom…which is somewhat ironic when you say it like that, but it’s true.

Being an entrepreneur will include incredible downfalls, but they will never compare to the life you create and the reward you keep by not giving up.

Just know that the transition will be tough; it was mandatory for you to go to work at a certain time, and now you’re a full-time business owner.

You will now need to motivate yourself. You will need to wake up on your own time. You will be one of the only reasons you make it or don’t.

You Can’t Change Your Life Without a Change of Routine

Your consistent habits on a day-to-day basis will determine your quality of life. This also means a change of environment. For example, Stefano Mongardi, a Webpreneur was initially working as in HR in a recruiting company in Italy, and he realized that working regular hours was not what he wanted to do forever. Aspiring to do something on his own, Stefano decided to quit his job and quickly moved to New York City. In the Big Apple, he confirmed his intuitions: internet marketing and social media was the future.

Now, how do you go about changing your routine? You can’t change what you don’t measure. Start by creating timesheets of how your day looks already, and then you can optimize where you can change your routine.

The reason for that is because, once you know exactly how your day looks like in the timesheet, you can then put your to-do list into categories.

Do. Delegate. Delete.

Once you’ve done that, place everything on your to-do list/timesheet into these 3 categories. Do means you can only do it yourself. Delegate means you can give to someone else for them to complete. Delete means you don’t need to do it and it’s just busy work.

Adapt or Perish

While moving towards your goal, obtain knowledge from those you work for. Stefano took all of the experiential learning he went through and brought it back to Italy to bring the Italian Digital Market to a new level.

The whole idea of TheWebMate was to focus on helping clients monetize their social media audience. That’s how he grew his marketing blog TheWebMate into one of the most followed digital websites in Italy.  

After several years working in this area of Italy, Stefano moved to Los Angeles and reverse engineered how the most famous accounts on Instagram work.

You’ll need to do the same in your life. Evolve to new ideas. Adapt to new circumstances and don’t be attached to your business model. You’ll find that sometimes the reason you don’t make more money in your business is not because of a lack of sales, but the wrong business model and wrong pricing.

If you are attached to the ways you do business, you won’t have the ability to grow.

High-Level Clients Means High-Level Income

Stefano first made his appearance in the Italian market, but he also understood that he could monetize his skills in Influencer Marketing in the US. That’s when he switched up his game plan and started working with Grammy Winning Musicians, Actors, Models, DJs, and other artists who build their network through social media. Because of this transition, Stefano has multiple sources of income, courses, funnels, affiliate marketing, and consultancies.

Now, the question becomes how do you get high-level clients? Especially when you’ve never had one. The first thing I recommend is creating a dream 25 list. This list is a realistic list of the influencers you look up to and that you can work with. They don’t need to be in your niche – and you’ll find that if they’re not, it’s actually easier to get them as clients.

Now the name of the game is contacting 1 of these big-name clients and offering them your services for nearly free. The reason for that is because once you have that 1 name, you can leverage that to get the bigger clients that will pay you for your premium service.

The Payoff

Stefano didn’t know that quitting his job would lead to this amount of success. He just knew he wanted a better life.

Which ultimately led to him:

  • Being a platinum member of ClickBank
  • Being invited to speak at Mashable Social Media Day & Social Media Week
  • Creating multiple High 6-Figure Businesses
  • Getting published in Italy for being an Instagram Expert
  • Being featured in Vanity Fair, HuffPost, and Social Media Examiner.

And this is just the start.

How does the payoff look for you?

  • Ability to work on your time
  • Ability to be fulfilled
  • To work with high-level clients
  • To make more income
  • To provide for those you love

So even if you don’t reach your goal… is there a better life than the one where you’re chasing after your dreams?

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