Rachel Kennedy Helps Female Entrepreneurs Transform Their Visions into a Reality

Well-known blogger and content creator Rachel Kennedy is giving women entrepreneurs a competitive edge with her exceptional and data-driven digital services that are doing wonders for her clients.

By establishing long-term professional relationships with female company owners and founders, she is helping raise a new generation of empowered women who are boldly traversing digital spaces to advance their products and services.

Through The Kennedy Curate, Rachel is giving women-owned businesses an undeniable lead in the highly competitive business industry.

Since the beginning of her illustrious career, Rachel has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the business industry, including HBO, Google, American Express, L’Oreal, Sephora, Bvlgari, Sarah Flint, Sephora, and Hilton, to mention a few. In 2015, she discovered that less than 3% of female-founded businesses have websites that rank in Google search results.

This reality paved the way for a revolutionary movement, an initiative that would change the plight of countless women in business. In her desire to give these companies a competitive edge, Rachel created The Curated SEO Method. This proprietary Search Engine Optimization method enables her clients to easily cultivate a connection between their content and the Google algorithm.

Her method opened remarkable doors for women as she helped them scale their business, grow their influence, and establish brand authority on digital platforms.

Through her SEO service, business owners can start optimizing their websites, begin to rank on Google search engine results and repurpose and monetize their social media content. By teaching them the right formula and approaches, she is giving these female entrepreneurs more time and freedom to execute systems effortlessly and gracefully.

The Kennedy Curate, Rachel’s thriving company, was founded on the objective to bridge the language gap that has separated a lot of valuable content from the rest of the world. By introducing SEO as “Google’s love language,” more women entrepreneurs began to fully grasp the need for SEO initiatives and how they can take their businesses to the next level.

Connectivity and community being two of her most important missions as an entrepreneur and SEO expert, Rachel is poised for greater feats in the future as she moves from digital to physical curation down the road.

Every day, Rachel wakes up with the thought that there are still numerous women entrepreneurs out there who have created awe-inspiring content, but they remain locked away behind a language barrier that needs to be translated into something they can easily understand.

This reality motivates her to get up each morning, ready to serve and amplify her client’s voices online. This is something she envisions herself doing long-term.

“I will continue expanding the SEO services of my business and take on more employees so we can serve more women,” Rachel shared.

In the near future, I plan to open a women’s collective. I want to have buildings in several major cities with multiple stories that cater to the different aspects of business-building that women face as entrepreneurs. One level will be co-working, another will have offices for lawyers, copywriters, marketing specialists, graphic designers, etc., where entrepreneurs can book consultations and coaching in-person to get every different piece of their business dialed in. I’d love to have an event space, a couple of boutique-style hotel suites, a coffee shop/lounge/restaurant, a rooftop garden, and lots of meeting spaces as well.

As Rachel continues to uphold transparency and a deep level of commitment to meet her clients’ goals, there is no doubt that she will continue to positively influence the future direction of women-owned companies.

Learn more about Rachel Kennedy and The Kennedy Curate by visiting her official website. Follow her on Instagram for updates on her latest projects.

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