Raeraeswimwear Founders Rae Castagno, Cameron Slyvia, Peyton Taft and Tomas Chlup Talk Bikinis and Future Projects

Rae Castagno, Cameron Slyvia, Peyton Taft and Tomas Chlup, successful creators, build 6-7 figure income through their unique ventures and projects.

These dynamic creators are a part of the rapidly growing content house named The Rae House LA. Rae Castagno, Cameron Sylvia, Tomas Chlup, and Peyton Taft have launched a unique swimwear brand “Raeraeswimwear.” This brand focuses on selling products that embrace your body in a way that will skyrocket your self-esteem and give you the glow-up that you deserve.

Emergence Of The Idea For Raeraeswimwear

Raeraeswimwear is not a mere fashion brand. The Mission is something that incorporates beauty, empowerment, self love, and respect in one. The idea for this brand is a personal story narrated by Rae Castagno herself.

Rae is not very happy with how women have been disgraced, disrespected by men and their significant other. Her personal predicaments are connected through her parent’s relationship. She was learning growing up wanted to change how the industry is in the fashion industry she decided to flip the industry and point out the unfair beauty standards to the fashion industry is she wanted to show all women should be treated like their beautiful no matter what size, shape and how they look that natural is beautiful.

Natural lighting we believe in we don’t believe in photoshopping anyone wearing or modeling Raeraeswimwear brand, our brands eco friendly, the experience Rae has had by how her father treated her mother and lowered her self-esteem. Rae came up with raeraeswimwear to help inspire all women and all genders.

They are all beautiful and we want to help them feel included wearing our swimsuits by boosting their self confidence and helping them build their self esteem by showering them with compliments, appreciation and unconditional love.

Rae Castagno was frustrated. She wanted to create something in fashion to inspire  women of all shapes and sizes. Her brand’s goal is to bring natural is beautiful that every woman we want then to feel appreciated includes wearing our swimsuits

Rae Castagno’s Inspiration

Every successful brand has an inspiration behind it. Raeraeswimwear drives natural  beauty to the world, inspirations of who they associated with and worked with and have future projects with are the Kardashians and Nikita Dragun.

Rae stays enchanted by their strong opinions and fearless aura. These celebrities’ independent and successful status encourages Rae and her team to move towards success without caring what others say.

This powerful determination drove the brand of Rae Castagno, Cameron Slyvia, Tomas Chlup and Peyton Taft to earn 6-7 figure income in less than a year. Their achievements are not limited to the income figure, but they have also successfully collaborated with prominent TikTok and social media creators like Tayler Holder and The Kardashians.

The brand preaches love and empathy for people from all genders, community, religions and countries.

“The raeraeswimwear brand pro services are online swimsuit clothing store for women we provide the best customer service helping you find the perfect swimsuit we help you feel included and beautiful wearing our swimwear

– Rae Castagno, Cameron Slyvia, Tomas Chlup & Peyton Taft

Early Life Of Rae Castagno, Cameron Sylvia, Peyton Taft and Tomas Chlup

Rae Castagno, Cameron Sylvia, Peyton Taft and Tomas Chlup journey to a beautiful brand started from her well thought out roadmap. Rae Castagno, Peyton Taft, and Cameron Sylvia have always loved fashion. At an early age, she and him started sketching beautiful swimwear for fun and fueling both their hobbies. Her sketches came to reality on May 22 2018.

Rae Castagno grew up in Centennial Las Vegas Nevada where it always feels like summer all year round. Rae also worked as a sales associate at Macy’s at fashion show mall downtown Las Vegas NV, she worked at the film industry and modeling industry as an actress for a couple of tv shows like deal or no deal, etc. Artists and agencies were swoon by her mindset and appearance too. Took her very seriously in the industry.

Rae’s motto is, “Your looks are a small % of you”. She wants to encourage every woman to be proud and confident in their bodies without seeking approval from anyone. Raeraeswimwear is a brand that will transform the way you look at beauty and fashion forever! For more information, do check out their website



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