Rafael Piquete Is Creating His Legacy as One of the Top Content Creators in the Travel and Food Niche

He is a young and successful vlogger who exudes his passion for creating unique content on social media.

Year after year, we come to know more success stories that are driven by sheer passion, determination and the thirst to go beyond boundaries. This very thirst to create something new and own a lucrative business for oneself helps individuals to exceed their own limits and impress people through what they create as professionals. Rafael Piquete is one such name that has proved that when a person works relentlessly towards something, success can be achieved the way one desires. He has already been a successful entrepreneur, but the constant rise of social media platforms encouraged and motivated him to dive into the digital world.

Food and travel, both these niches had Rafael Piquete’s heart hooked onto and to go further in the same, he decided to transform his life completely from being an entrepreneur to becoming a full-time content creator and YouTuber, specializing in both these niches. The youngster says that the way the digital platforms have evolved over the years and now more than ever even amidst the pandemic, it is a sight to behold for many businesses, brands, entrepreneurs and content creators.

Rafael Piquete believes that when passion becomes a profession for an individual, it only radiates through their work and in all that they create as professionals. Hence, he can’t emphasize enough on the need for individuals to listen to what their heart seeks and make efforts accordingly that can take them nearer their goals in life. It’s amazing to know that Rafael Piquete started to create this momentum in the online world just a year back amidst the pandemic when it grew rapidly in March 2020.

This may sound a bit unreal, but it is true that Rafael Piquete through his skills and talents as a host of his videos and creator of the travel and food content garnered more than 80K subscribers on YouTube and 300K followers on Instagram. Such is the power of social media platforms which can make any talent a star in his/her own right; one must only know how to cleverly utilize the mediums and excel across social media platforms.

He has turned into becoming an expert in Instagram growth as well, apart from the content creator and YouTuber he is at only 27 years of age. Want to know more about him? Follow him on Instagram @rafaelfernandespiquete and do subscribe to his YouTube channel,


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