Raghavendra Poojari, an Indian entrepreneur on the rise

The Indian economy is being reshaped by startups. India is a great place to start a business because of its favorable demographics, open economic climate, and entrepreneurial culture. However, India’s startup sector is still maturing which leaves a lot of scope for young entrepreneurs to innovate in different sectors.

According to the findings of the survey, startups can make use of a variety of features and benefits that are unique to India. More than three-quarters of Indian executives (76%) cited India’s open economy as a significant competitive advantage. And this is where the role of Raghavendra Poojari, a crypto expert based out of Karnataka comes in. 

Poojari is the founder of Mining Buddys, a revolutionary company that aims to disrupt the blockchain technology sector by providing customized solutions for businesses and people. The goal of this company is to expedite the rate at which cryptocurrency penetrates the market.

Poojari founded Mining Buddys as an eCommerce platform dedicated only to serving the cryptocurrency community and disseminating information about the currency’s advantages.

With the speed with which Cryptocurrency is gaining traction in India, it is quickly becoming the alternative asset of choice for the Millennials. And this is the reason why Poojari decided to shape his career in the blockchain industry.

He saw a market gap and filled it, matching (and exceeding) the expectations of an ever-expanding Internet user base. Mining Buddys, the brainchild of Poojari is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell ASIC machines and other cryptocurrency-related items.

The platform has quickly established itself as one of India’s most reputable and secure stores. Under the command of Poojari, over 1000 successful deliveries have been completed by Mining Buddys. Poojari also created a partial payment option on this marketplace, which quickly found traction among the crypto community, resulting in a 25% increase in quarterly sales.

Having gained such recognition for his expertise in the financial digital assets and blockchain industry, Poojari has undoubtedly been on the path of becoming a pioneer (if not already) in the upliftment of the crypto community.

He is largely recognized for popularising the concept of a new digital economy and drawing foreign investment to India. In the upcoming year, Poojari wants to complete 10,000 successful deliveries and produce a mobile app for this platform, which will work on both iOS and Android devices. 

From the looks of it, it’s pretty clear that it is people like Raghavendra Poojari who will define the future of India when it comes to adopting new technologies and trends. No matter what, it can definitely be said that this rising entrepreneur will without a doubt disrupt the industry in ways that can be unmatched and offer bespoke solutions making the lives easier and investment safer. 

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