Rahul Mehandiratta Owner of Moments Expro service and Event Management company -among Delhi’s top influential entrepreneur

Rahul Mehandiratta

Building a business in this competitive world is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are thousands of people with the same idea but only the ones with a clear vision, patience and determination make it happen. One such visionary who made it from the scratch into the world on entrepreneurship, Rahul mehandiratta (RMR), has proved that with passion, innovation and hard work, no one can stop you from making it big.

An aspiring Entrepreneur ,who came back to Delhi  after completing Masters degree  from International Management Institute Belgium—Mr Rahul Mehandiratta is now the founder of Moment’s Expro and it is one of the India’s most influential, reliable and trusted services by private and government officials amongst many management companies.

Since last year, Mehandiratta is going to all the lengths to help establishing COVID-19 quarantine centres, providing logistic, setting containment zones and providing tent-age for the migrants struggling to return to their hometowns. In addition, the company provides temporary shelter, food and medical services for people in Delhi and NCR.

Moments Expro is one of the global leading corporations specialised in the field of modular component systems for temporary as well as permanent space solutions. Services on hire basis for convering our nation with traditional tents,temporary structures, aluminium German structures, hanger type steel structure, high class illumination work, modular grand stands and many more. Varying from tents and halls for events, exhibition and shows to  storage halls, hangers with industrial halls for productions, storage and trade .

With warehouse container modules for various functions and with versatile space solution for emergency services, disaster relief and aid organisation in addition to the distribution of services tents and container modules, Moments Expro offers a wide range of temporary spaces solutions of any capacity on rent.

Rahul Mehandiratta’s Moments Expro’s top events in which Rahul Mehandiratta did phenomenal work were the Delhi Police At Home function, Delhi Police Raising day, Donald Trump and USA’s 1st Lady’s visit to India, Indian Navy Day and Navy Night, Indian Coastal Guards events, CM’sHouse Events, inauguration of the New Parliament building by PM Narendra Modi and many more.

About his company and his passion for serving the nation, Rahul Mehandiratta (RMR) says, “Our main vision is to provide the best event management service to our nation. We are available for every mood and every move and for every capacity.

We are generating employment for thousands of skilled and semi skilled workers on hire basis and enhancing Indian tents with German technology. I also want to inspire today’s youth to make India proud and take a stand when your country needs you.”

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