Rahul Saggu Says Entrepreneurs Have Ideas, but Lack the Will to Execute Them

Some avid entrepreneurs succeed in their business endeavors while most fail on that journey. However an even greater number of them just sit idle and let their ideas die. They have certain goals in mind and they might even have a well-planned strategy, but they lack the will to bring their ideas to life.

Rahul Saggu, a mortgage specialist, entrepreneur, and the COO of ModernDay Cannabis, believes there are a couple of reasons for that tragic waste of a whole universe of ideas, many of which could be world-changing.

The number one culprit are the distractions in the noisy world around us. This can include family, friends, social media. They often make it challenging to focus on what you want to achieve and motivate yourself to set out for your desired business adventure.

That’s why Saggu advises entrepreneurs to “sit down in a quiet place to still their mind” once they’ve discovered the one thing they want to do with their life. The quiet can help develop a laser-sharp focus for executing innovative ideas.

Another reason for lacking the will to put business ideas into practice is the fear of failure.

The ever-growing number of failed businesses can put a damper on an entrepreneur’s will to succeed in such competitive industries.

But you shouldn’t focus on those discouraging stats. If you have a clear vision and never lose sight of it, you can do anything you set your mind to. Surrounding yourself with like-minded business partners will help keep you on track.

“It takes a clear vision and desire of knowing what you want out of life,” says Saggu.

He also believes in having mentors in your corner whom you can follow – “mentors that are very hands-on with you, which will allow you to fast-track your way to success.”

Besides mentors, Saggu advises every entrepreneur to have a strong support system to rely on. People whom you can turn to whenever you hit a dead-end or need a little pick-me-up. He made sure to always have the right people around him since a young age.

“Whenever I had off days growing up, I’d always get back on track with the people around me. I can’t stress how important it is to have a support group around you that you can trust with your life – whether it be family or friends.”

But the ultimate key to finding the will to bring your ideas into reality lies within you. You and only you can motivate and inspire yourself to get up from the couch and pursue your ideas.

“I believe in waking up early and having a strict morning routine which will set you up for the day,” Saggu says.

The power of starting a well-organized day is incredible. It can help you feel and think fresh, discover new horizons, and maximize your potential.

So, stop sitting idly due to your general lack of motivation or fear of failure. Take the leap, invest every ounce of your being into achieving your goals, and change the world with your ideas.

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