Raiden Marketing Agency is the #1 Rated Social Media Marketing Agency in the Southwest United States of 2021

Raiden Marketing Agency a.k.a. RMA has been impacting the southwest region in huge ways when it comes to social media marketing. It was first ranked the #1 social media marketing agency in the Southwest United States back in 2019 and has been holding the top spot ever since.

RMA has helped businesses in the last 8 months to generate over $4 million during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the trying times caused by the pandemic, they have been able to adapt and persevere through the challenging climate. When talking to the CEO, Raiden Ruiz, stressed the importance of being a one-stop-shop for all business social media needs.

‘Social media is crucial to business growth and marketing. It takes a lot of time and energy to build an audience and engagement’ says Raiden.

‘On average business owners pay from $800 – $1000 for marketing content but then it’s put in the wrong places and business owners don’t get the return of investment it could give them.

We can provide our clients with everything, from recording and producing weekly creative content and delivering it in the right format to attract the right kind of customers to purchase their products or services.

‘We’re dedicated to all our clients, providing them with the highest quality multimedia at an affordable price. We create media in 4K or 6K UHD, using high performance laptops, cameras, and drones to deliver high quality content on time.

We understand and respect all aspects of business, from legal, creation processes, finances, security, and intellectual property. Our security protocols have been set up to protect our client’s intellectual property, which is our first and foremost priority.’

RMA is a full-service digital marketing agency, adapting to what their client needs. The agency can produce high level, cinematic quality videos weekly, up to 6k quality content, in multiple delivery formats. At this rate, any competition becomes null.

Their competitive edge has been their security protocols on protecting and backing up the client’s intellectual property. They are able to archive all the media they create on a weekly basis and deliver fantastic multimedia campaigns to discourse communities for businesses to improve their sales.

RMA is able to work within any budget and time scale for their clients’ specific needs. RMA is trusted by local governments, the federal government, and colleges around the country.

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