Railway Officer Author Ravi Valluri Launches His Next Book Magic of the Mind .

Author Ravi Valluri is an Officer of the Indian Railway traffic service, currently, he is posted at Chennai as the Principal Chief Commercial Manager, southern Railway.

He has authored eight books- “The Matter of the Mind”, “Make the Mind Mt. Kailasa”, “The Infinite Mind”- co-authored with Ankush Garg, “NaMo 303 Words to Victory”, “Indian Stories: Images & Thoughts”, “Heartbreak at Coffee Shop An Array of Tales”, “Divine Whispers 365 Quotes of H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar” and “Magic of the Mind”. His books were unveiled by H. H. Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

His first book “The Matter of the Mind” has been translated into Telugu and is available under the title “Manomoolamidham”. His sixth book “Heartbreak At Coffee Shop An Array of Tales” has been translated into Hindi and “NaMo 303 Word to Victory” has been translated into Kannada. “Divine Whispers” has also been converted into an audio book.

He is also a faculty of the Art of Living and conducts the Happiness Programme, yoga and meditation sessions.

‘Magic of the mind’ is Valluri’s 8th book .
The book ‘Magic of the Mind’ is a collection of 50 articles that seek to metamorphose the human mind. This can be achieved through diving into faith and practising spiritual techniques.

There are a few ways like practising yoga, pranayama, learning the rhythmic breathing technique of Sudarshan Kriya, a non believer can find sanctuary of hope through acquiring knowledge.

And some can attain peace of mind by just letting go and by practising the Art of forgiveness. But in all the techniques one thing is essential. And that is to develop faith in the procedure and technique and religiously practising it.

Book is available on amazon in both kindle and paperback.

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