Rajat Singla- an Entrepreneur, Model and Import Export Agent

​Are you in search of an enthusiastic person, who is compatible to help you many aspects? Here is the name, which comes to my mind in a first consideration. Rajat Singlais a personality, who can help you in many aspects of your business.

Rajat Singla, a young enthusiastic person, is born and brought up Patiala, Punjab. Born on 8th of January 1991, Rajat has got success in many aspects of life. Rajat Singla is an entrepreneur, model, import export agent and marketing expert.

​Born and brought up in Punjab, Rajat was hardworkingfrom a very young age. He liked to do innovative things. This is the reason, why he started a Punjabi songs website named vippunjab.com. it served the youth for entertainment. Providing songs and movies, this website became very famous among the youth.

​In 2011, Rajat Singla started his modelling career. His good looks were attracting. This is the reason why he got immense success in his modeling career. Well known magazines printed his photos as a successful model. Talaashand Punjabi Super Cinema were the well-known magazines, which printed Rajat’s modelling photos.

​Social media marketing is a must thing for today’s era. You might have seen your social media account full of attractive ads. You might have felt the desire to buy the marketed products. The reason of your attention seeking is the art of that marketer. Rajat Singla serves your intention of marketing your product or service with his marketing skills.

The marketing skills of Rajat are very useful for the product launch or for development of the business or service. You can contact Rajat for demanding the services of his expertise. Rajat Singla runs a well-known website for his marketing services. The name of the website is www.Shirajmedia.com .

​Shirajmedia.com serves the public in many aspects. The role of managing celebrities is one more goal of Shirajmedia.com. According to the trends, celebrities feel the restlessness because of their busy schedule. Rajat Singlaserves as a manager for such kind of celebrities.

To schedule their events, to contact the service buyers, to contact the prone to service people and manage their events are very important duties, which are performed by Rajat Singla in a very beautiful manner. Rajat Singla also provide service for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account verification.

You can visit the website Shirajmedia.com for this aspect too. So Shirajmedia serves the public for celebrity management, social media management, digital marketing, PR and publicity, Branding Website designing, graphic designing, Wikipedia management, IMDB management, Audio Video production, influencer marketing etc.

​In addition to all these services, Rajat Singla has his own business of wall décor. Wall décor business, these days, is very developing business. Your house looks more beautiful if it has beautifully decorated walls.

The trends are changing every day. You style your cloths to look handsome, so needs your house. Your house will look amazing, with a wonderful touch of wall décor. You will get amazing gallery to decorate your walls. The team of Rajat Singla works day and night to satisfy their customers. Interior and exterior wall decors are available in Wall Décor brand.

You can visit the website, www.Indiawalldecor.com for more details. For wall décor business, Rajat Singla imports products like PVC and ceiling panel from China and wholesale in India.

​Please feel free to contact Rajat Singla extra-ordinary work satisfaction and outstanding results of your efforts. This one person can be a solution to your many questions. You can even visit the website of his name www.imrajatsingla.com for more details.

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