Rajiv Adatia: The Person to Spread Positivity and Smiles All Around

Rajiv Adatia

At a time when there is negativity, fear, and anxiety prevalent in the world, it becomes necessary to have people who spread positivity and smiles all around. Rajiv Adatia is one such person. Having lost his father at mere 18 years of age, life turned out to be a challenge for him.

Along with overcoming the sudden sense of loss, he was burdened with responsibilities at such an early stage of his life. Nevertheless, he chose to stay strong and overcome these obstacles that life had thrown his way. Rajiv decided to take up modeling as a career alongside pursuing his degree in Performing Arts and Psychology.

Soon after completing his studies, he engaged himself in the entrepreneurial world. To establish a stable job for himself, he started working with a wedding decor company “Wed in Style”, which he is still a part of.

Whenever there are difficulties, there is always a way to overcome them. What is important is to find an opportunity in the middle of it. This is what prompted Rajiv Adatia to get involved in a lot of production activities and gave him a chance to work with many celebrities in Hollywood and Bollywood as well.

Owing to his hard work, he made connections with influential people in Mumbai which led him to start his own event management company and achieve success through it. Even after making his mark in the industry with his events, he always had an unsettling feeling in the back of his mind.

He always felt that the purpose of his life was much more than what he had already achieved and this made him yearn for something that he always wanted. Seeing the people of the world turn so judgemental and negative towards each other, Rajiv Adatia could not help but realize how important it had become to uplift people and help them understand their worth. He wanted to help people heal from the things they were going through.

Words have a big impact on anyone’s life. They are the ones who can break an individual or make them. A strong believer in the power of words, Rajiv wanted to make a positive impact on people with his words. To give back to the world more than he has gotten from it, he knew his calling was motivation and positivity.

He believes in extending a helping hand to people who are bothered by criticism, judgments, and self-worth issues and also guide them towards an escape route from the negativity that they face daily. The positive thinking and inspiration make people believe that things are going to be okay and some people love them and care for them.

“Happier people mean healthier people” is what Rajiv abides by. Exposing people to a world around them that has so many opportunities for them and helping people with anxiety and stress issues look at the new perspectives of their lives has been his life goal for a long time now.

With the plan to write a book that motivates people to change their perspective from negative to positive, Rajiv Adatia has been using his knowledge and working on spreading awareness among people suffering from anxiety and depression.

You can connect with Rajiv Adatia on Instagram – @rajivadatia

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