Raksha Jha From Bihar is the Latest Singing Sensation

Raksha Jha from Araria is one of the imminent musical talents from Bihar. Her confident attitude, sweet personality, and incredible voice combine to make her the perfect person to shine in the industry.

With several songs up her sleeve besides an active social media presence, Raksha’s musical journey that began some years ago very interesting. She has sung several melodious original songs but has risen to fame with the covers of Pyar hua iqrar hua and Naino ki baat, both of which were widely appreciated on social media. Pyar hua iqrar hua cover by Raksha crossed 819k views on Facebook.

Her singing and voice quality were profoundly praised by Aashiqui superstar Rahul Roy (for Pyar hua iqra hua cover)

Bollywood music director DJ Sheizwood also cherished her singing. “Ek Bihari sab par bhari, Raksha is going to achieve all the success she desires very soon,” he said.

“Yeah, my life stayed the same for a while. I was still humming and singing hours and hours and hours a day. It’s only hard work and expertise that can help you accomplish your goals,” Raksha says.

“Music is the blend of vocal, instrumental, and dance,” she says, “and the components of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre can give rise to a piece of soul-healing music. I have trained vocal a lot and now I am ready to sing all kinds of songs and melodies. I prefer retro as they are more focused on the singing than the music production.”

When asked about her Bollywood dreams, Raksha said, “I am slowly rising and the ones that rise from the ashes like Phoneix are the ones who never overlook the roots. I will be the same Raksha as my close ones know me even after I become a superstar in the music industry.

Not only is Raksha Jha a remarkable singer, but also an astonishing person. We may soon get to hear a lot of new original and cover songs by her!

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