Raksha Rathore Splendid Personality Marked Herself in Creative Industry..

Raksha has been awarded by the “Iconic Global Award”

Every woman has infinite potential to achieve anything she wants. She just needs to stop underestimating herself and discover her true inner strength. She will find within her an unlimited capacity to achieve, one such discoverer of inner strength is Raksha Rathore.

Raksha has been awarded by the “Iconic Global Award” her story of success does not stop here, She has received crown for the title “Miss India Global Queen 2021” under the dazzling glamorous light of Mumbai in the presence of celebrity guests and renowned personalities .

She is also titled by “Miss North India Global Queen”. She is a Ms. Universe Creative Woman 2019-20-IPW & honoured by “International Pride Woman” in 2019. Her success and achievements could not make her arrogant , she is very much down to earth and good Samaritan and because of her these values she was honoured by Rajasthan women’s achievement award 2019. She made her commendable contribution in covid-19 awareness programme which was recognised by All India institute of Public and Physical health sciences.
Raksha Rathoe is an outstanding personality with so many talents. She is a great self-taught artist, and has established herself in the genres of fine art, abstract art and contemporary art forms.

She is an original thinker and she has the potential to derive inspiration from nature to adorn her creativity. She knows very well to design and paint as per the requirement. She does her work for pleasure and never consider it as a burden. She is an international trade analyst before proceeding for full time independent artist. She embarked into the journey of her professional life with the foreign trade profession. She did her masters in international business and engaged in the corporate sector with various industries.

Raksha Rathore banks on the immense potential of art and she helps other artists in spreading the magic of art and culture. According to her “Art is present in every culture, across the world it was there even when men could not even cook and it is still here” and promotion of art and culture can bring great spiritual engagement in the society.


Written by Garry Logan

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