Ramiz King Is Ready to Rule the Stock Market Game

Ramiz King, born on August 19, 1996, in Kabul Afghanistan. Former international Big Brother contestant who is 6 FT’1 is about to become really tall in the stock market game. Ramiz King being Afghanistan’s first reality TV star and MTV India’s most entertaining and highest-paid reality TV star is making waves by investing over 10,000$ USD on Snapchat stocks. Yes, you read right.

Snapchat sells its stock and Ramiz King foresees a bright future for the market of Snapchat. Ramiz King believes Snapchat is the one app we’ve had for ages through which we send our XXX messages and save our most memorable memories and is the one app which we will relay and use in the coming future.

Ramiz publicly doesn’t use Snapchat for his fans but uses it for family reasons. Snapchat can be a booming market for new entrepreneurs to invest in, it definitely has a strong purpose behind it as we all use Snapchat.

Ramiz King who is a Reality Media Personality, Producer, Philanthropist, and successful Entrepreneur makes a bold statement when he says Snapchat is where your money should be.

Ramiz King who has a net worth of $880,000 through confirmed real estate and endorsement deals back in mainly Afghanistan and partly Australia. Ramiz is an Icon and now he is ushering celebrities and his fans towards the stock market business. Ramiz strongly believes that once he has figured it out he’ll do anything to guide his fans towards the very same success.

Ramiz King earns between $2,500-$5,000 dollars per week for his MTV shows such as Ace of space 2 & Love School 4 aside from this he is earning $20,000 USD for an 8 episodic series for TOLO TV, Afghanistan. Ramiz King who belongs to a family of a single mother with sisters only and a half brother has always been living a king like life only because of his mother sacrifices that she made in her lifestyle.

In order to make Ramiz aspire to be a wealthy man but this doesn’t mean Ramiz King was rich always or even now as he states that richness is a state of mind but he too has struggled with his family to meet basic standards at one time and now too he isn’t over the top rich, whatever he has is from mothers help and his shows and businesses. This is Ramiz King’s brief background so you know that you don’t have to be a gigantic billionaire to head start on the stock market and achieve success.

Ramiz King’s tips are that you mustn’t give in to quick to sudden in-fluctuation in prices when it comes to the stock market, it goes down suddenly when you buy but you have to think steps ahead. Warren Buffet gave in to the pressure of his dropping stock and shortly decided to sell and still made a decent profit but it was only till later he saw the stock going for triple the amount he sold on. Both these Icons give the same advice.

You must wait and believe, the wave tides are always in momentum but see a product or company for its future use and if it’ll be successful in the next 10 – 50 years. Ramiz King sees Snapchat being the tool for everyone in seeing memories of themselves when they’re in their 80’s, sitting back and laughing at how that crazy lit night went at the clubs and those silly moments you had with mates.

Snapchat revolutionizes memories and their storage as it holds an infinite cloud where all your life’s best moments are securely saved. Without Snapchat, we would not cease to exist anymore and without Ramiz King promoting and telling You this you’d still be broke. Want to know how to get rich quickly? Invest in Snapchat and the stock market. Do you want to know how to be successful?

Long-term investing is the key to success in the 21st century. Why is Ramiz King calling himself King? Because he truly is a gem to share the truth with his people and familia as stated by him. The stock market consists of investing in a product that has great potential and sitting on it either for a very long time or day trading to sell quickly and buy quickly.

Ramiz has a new program to have you invest with him on stock and he will guide thoroughly throughout the entire experience and guide you in making millions. Follow him on Instagram @iamramizzz to get all the secrets of the stock market.

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