Ramon Weatherall, Founder of Camera God LLC, Shares His Keys to Adapting to a Changing Industry

Ramon Weatherall has had a deep connection with music his whole life. So, it was only fitting when he founded his own record label along with his childhood best friend in their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through a trial-and-error process, Weatherall experienced the hills and valleys of a business start-up but decided to roll with the punches and adapt to the needs that he saw in the entertainment business and landed where he is today: founder of Camera God LLC.

Born to a three-child family, Ramon Weatherall was raised in the city of Milwaukee by a family of entrepreneurs. “My mother and father both owned their own businesses, so wanting to own my own business wasn’t foreign to me,” Weatherall shared. An entrepreneurial spirit was not the only strength that Ramon’s parents instilled in him. He attributed both his passion for work and his ability to be a natural leader to the lessons and experiences he had from his parents. “My father once told me, ‘If someone can pay someone else millions of dollars, what do you think he’s making?’”

As Weatherall began to work more deeply with his newly founded record label, he started realizing more and more needs that needed to be filled within the music industry. The biggest of these being camera workers for music videos. Deciding to put himself behind the lens, Ramon adjusted to the businesses’ needs and continued working behind the camera for a few years before founding his new business: Camera God LLC. Expanding from simply filming music videos, Weatherall turned his business into a multi-faceted entertainment hub with a new focus on fashion.

“Camera God is a clothing line for content creators or any that is active on social media or just loves to take pictures and post videos,” states Weatherall. Without knowing anything about fashion or merchandising, Weatherall created a line of clothes that everyone can enjoy and helped build a platform for artists to be exposed to the world. “Everyone has a voice, and they should express it and talk about the interests that are important to them.” Camera God LLC has seen great success over the last year as they have gained a sizeable social media following and have filmed videos for many Milwaukee area artists.

“In the next five years I don’t see myself working a 9-5,” Weatherall states. The entrepreneur from Wisconsin’s largest city has poised himself to fully achieve the career he envisioned for himself at a young age. Keeping a level head and a genuine image are just small parts of why Weatherall has achieved the level of success he is at. “Don’t wait until your product or service is perfect, just improve it along the way, and be willing to accept feedback.  Be active and communicating on social media, you never know who is watching and who might be able to help you succeed.”

To learn more about Camera God LLC and Ramon Weatherall, follow their page on Instagram and check out their website.   

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