Rana Kordahi Talks to Tedx About Why She Loves Sales and How You Can Too

The word “sales” has taken on a taboo connotation over the last few years. When you mention sales, images of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street‘ are conjured up with selfish, predatory undertones seeping through into the subconscious of the conversation participants. People just don’t get excited about the word “sales” like they do when you mention you work as a doctor, or lawyer, but Rana Kordahi is working hard to change that perception. As someone who has learned to live and love sales, she spends her time unlocking the inner salesperson in everyone, using those skills to help people connect with others and achieve their goals in life. Speaking for TEDx, Rana shares that the art of selling and negotiation can be implemented in every day situations, and those willing to use these sales skills to their advantage can not only help themselves, but also help others around them.

Rana has over 20 years experience in sales. Originally from an arts background and using a sales job to fund her other passions, she fell into the role of salesperson and came to love it when she realized that these “techniques” she was using in her job were also applicable to her every day life. Founding The Selling Academy, she has trained and mentored over 10 thousand sales and “non-sales” people in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development, teaching core tenets that help to develop your own sense of value, confidence and ability to connect with others. These skills are not only valuable in a sales-specific field, but also in navigating the challenges of every day life and working towards our personal goals.

Rana believes that we are constantly trying to sell, whether it be on a first date, a job interview, when we join new social circles or starting a business. Even our thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Everything that we share of ourselves is something that we are subconsciously “selling” to others. Rana has seen many super talented people in their fields fail because they don’t have the confidence and social skills to connect and influence others, and has learned over the years that “people buy people“; they will buy into the idea of you as a person before they decide to purchase your product, making building rapport and being able to connect with others on a human level the most valuable skill anyone can have.

Rana‘s teachings center around selling yourself in a way that enriches those around you, learning how to define and demonstrate your own value, and implement it to solve other people’s problems. She emphasises the connection between people because the trust and relationships between people is the foundation for settling high-level business dealings, and every day interactions alike. Even in the online sphere, Rana notes that people will build rapport with you through the posts you share, subconsciously making mental notes on how your posts affect their emotional state. It’s all of these small interactions that add up and open or close doors for you. After learning these things along her career, Rana has made it her life’s work to impart this wisdom and channel the inner salesperson in all her clients to enable them to put their best foot forward in life.

Rana’s deep love for sales is something that she wants to share with the world and instill in others. In her TEDx talk, she goes into the psychology of connecting with people and how leveraging the sales mindset can be rewarding and enriching in your life. If you want to unlock your inner sales person and learn to have your best foot forward, connect with Rana Kordahi on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and check out The Selling Academy.

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