Raneem Ghassan, A Dentist And An Influencer, Can Do It All

Who is Raneem Ghassan?

She is a 22-year-old Syrian woman who is a social media influencer. She has also graduated from medical school as a dentist. 

What are her Interests?

She says that she is a very social and out-going person. She loves going on adventures and travel. She also does volunteer work. She wants to inspire and motive the people around her and spread positivity. She is really into fashion and make-up.

How did she Become an Influencer?

She decided to take this path 3 years ago i.e. in 2018. As soon as she made her Instagram profile public, she gained a lot of followers. Since she loved fashion and makeup, Raneem Ghassan wanted to show other girls her style and ideas. Being a hijabi influencer is challenging but she wants to encourage other girls like her to follow their dreams.

How Does she Manage her jobs as a Dentist and an Influencer?

She says that she wants to further study for her masters and PhD. She also has a full-time job. Raneem also works with agencies for her social media. She is able to manage both by proper time management.

What Kind of Message Does she Want to Give to her Followers?

Raneem wants people to always focus on the positive side of things. Even if the situation is bad, it will turn out to be good at the end. By setting their priorities straight, a person can achieve anything. We should never miss an opportunity and take proper advantage of it. She wants all of her followers to be motivated and achieve their dreams.

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