Rap Artist Kasey Marcelle is Taking His Past Experiences and Using Them as Fuel

Kasey Marcelle is constantly leveling up in the music industry

From a very young age, Kasey Marcelle knew that creating music is what he was meant to do. The memory of his mother telling him that his first words were from a catchy song that they used to listen to when he was a baby gives every indication of that being a true statement for the talented young artist. Although it has always been apparent for him, it has been anything but easy to get him where he is today.

Sadly, when Kasey was a young kid, he was adopted by a family that mistreated him in every way imaginable. Suffering from mental and physical abuse is the hardest thing that Kasey has had to go through and has shaped him into the man he is today. He knows how dark the world can be for people, especially ones that face a similar situation that he has. For this reason, he tries to take away the pain of the real world and give his fans a moment of happiness when they tune into his music.

Kasey Marcelle’s music is infectious and leaves his fans coming back for more, as they can’t seem to get enough. The good news for his fans is that he and his team have been working diligently to prepare his first full-length album titled “Bad guy with a good heart” which is scheduled to release towards the mid-way point of 2021.

Kasey’s entrancing, fun, and memorable sound has left his fans demanding more after the success of his EP “iamKaseyMarcelle.” With the project fully underway, it is looking to be a year for the record books for the young artist. It only seems fitting due to the humble beginnings of Kasey Marcelle. He truly has earned everything that has come his way, and he is now using those opportunities to build something greater than himself. Keep an eye on Kasey Marcell, as it will be exciting to see him grow in 2021.

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Written by Jeremy Morris

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