Rap & Marketing – The Pro Connection with Vigalanty

Rap & Marketing - The Pro Connection with Vigalanty

Marketing is a vital part of any business, especially nowadays with all the exposure to social media and other relatively new channels for marketing. This is why we are always fascinated to meet artists who have learned how to use marketing to their advantage, in order to grow their business. It not only gives us some insight into what it means to be a busy artist and an entrepreneur at the same time but also shows us a few tricks about the marketing world in general.

We had great fun talking to rapper and hip-hopper Vigalanty on this matter. For those of you unaware of who we’re talking about, Vigalanty is one of the hottest new artists on the rap and hip-hop scene, largely because of his versatility as an artist. Vigalanty is the sort of artist who focuses first and foremost on writing high-quality lyrics, and only after on the type of music he makes. Never one to be boxed into one single genre, he’s stretched out his skill across several genres and art spectrums, having first started out as a poet in his youth.   And on top of that all, he is also a skilled marketing expert and entrepreneur.


Because he had to be. As an artist, it is difficult to get far with your career without at least some knowledge of the subject. This is why one of the first questions we asked him was just how important marketing is for his business.

“Seriously important because my brand represents and tells the world who I am and what I stand for. And I definitely want to be the best representation of my brand, so I make sure that my Ts are crossed. My Is always dotted to the best of my ability.”

And of course, what better way to step up your marketing game than through social media. Social media is, perhaps, one of the best marketing tools available to artists today, largely because of its accessibility. Anyone can use social media to grow and expand their brand, they just have to figure out how to do it. And for a musician, it is this amazing tool for getting discovered and getting more people to listen to your stuff.

But of course, it is not enough to just throw your music out there, you gotta know how to talk and connect with people, to get them interested in your art. So, then we asked Vigalanty how important social media is to grow his business, and why he considers it an indispensable tool in building his image for his fans.

“Very important cuz it’s so much a part of this business. It goes with what’s trending what’s happening now because everybody lives on social media so that’s a new playing field. It was a time before you used to be able to pass out CDs and all that stuff nobody listens to CDs anymore. It’s a whole new game now.”

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