Rapper Kevin Jere Talks About Stereotypes in the Rap Industry

The music industry is made of a variety of artists and one of the most prominent genres in the industry is rapping. For a long time, this form of music has helped people to find their voice and express themselves. However, the rapping world has all sort of stereotypes, according to popular rapper Kevin Jere.

In a short duration of time, Kevin Jere, born November 29, 1994, as Kevin Milot Barreau, has acquired a massive fan following on social media and beyond. He puts his journey, aspirations and more into his lyrics and that makes him a gifted artist.

However, this doesn’t mean that he always had it easy. In fact, Kevin believes that there are all sorts of stereotypes surrounding the rapping industry.

“I feel like as a rapper, there are a lot of stereotypes that come from people who aren’t in the loop of things or the culture. Whether it is them thinking I’m not as smart or intelligent, but in reality, I feel like I’m just as smart as a lot of billionaires. They just got more information at that moment,” reveals Kevin.

Instead of letting the prenotions define him and his brand, Kevin has taken it upon himself to build himself as a powerhouse of musical talent. Apart from this, Kevin is also aware of the issues in his own community and uses his tracks to share the experience of fighting the odds. While many claims that rap music is too aggressive, the rapper feels that it is the need for the genre.

“I think in today’s day and age you have to. There’s so much content out there the moment you take your foot off the gas the consumer is on to the next. You want people to constantly feel like they’re in your world. Eventually with consistency, bringing value, and serving the people, your brand will end up becoming a Fortune 500 company or to a similar extent,” he concludes.

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