Rapper Spader’s Tracks Are All About His Hard Days, Hopes and Beyond

Rapper Spader has been using his dark days to create music based on truth. His creativity fuels from his passion to move forward in life.

Spader is a singer and rapper from New Jersey who broke into the spotlight while taking the local streaming world by storm. Being a diverse, genre bending artist is what sets Spader apart from other artists on the come up. Because of his different and unique background, Spader can capture his listeners attention through his dark pop vocals and melodic flow.

His lyricism goes way deeper than what is on the surface. Throughout his music, he is able to tell the story of his dark past of incarceration, drugs, toxic relationships, violence, and hardship. Spader’s discography tells different life experiences in non-chronological order.

To the best of his memory, he sings about really personal situations and experiences that he’s been through. He hopes to relate with others who have experienced similar feelings, whether or not being through the same exact situation.

Throughout his music, you will hear both sides of the spectrum. He will lead you through his “hell on earth” and into the spotlight of stardom. His music is like a rollercoaster ride and you never know what to expect.

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Written by Genxee

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