Rav Star, Successful Commercial Artist on the Rise.

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Drawing is an art that accommodates people with personal satisfaction and peace. Art has the potential to be cathartic, and it encourages us to respond when confronted by new ideas. Just like Rav Star, who is an artist specializing in digital art. Since his childhood, he has been drawing, began doing murals in high school, and chose to focus on digital art when he got older.

He is a pioneering artist who lives to create. Rav Star’s work is a clear expression of his personality and individuality. His unique aesthetics are evident in every aspect of his art, from the lines on the page to the colours in the painting.

Career and Commercial success :

Rav Star has been drawing since he was a child. Rav stars combine artistry and technology, giving his drawings a futuristic touch. Using digital mediums and traditional mediums, he works tirelessly to honour the talent that God has placed in his heart.

After listening to his friends and well-wishers, Rav Star decided to start engaging more with social media to build a unique personal brand and network with the people who wish to have his artwork. Three years ago, Rav Star took the first step in his artistic career by designing quirky cartoon paintings of people on social media.

Today, he designs album covers and family portraits for up-and-coming musicians who want to stand out. He provides high-quality illustrations for any job, both for personal and commercial purposes. With over several years of experience, his affordable prices and excellent turnaround time make him a preferred choice among customers. He works with every client, big or small, and creates impressive results across every project type.

Milestones :

Previous to Rav Star’s art being uploaded, he was highly sceptical about his work. He worried that it would not be liked or be hated by people, losing their respect for him as an artist. However, since then, he has received many applauds and comments for his fantastic creations.

Now, Rav Star knows and believes in the power of his art. He believes that one of the critical milestones of his career would be getting the credibility and appreciation he deserves. The respect from the art communities would let him feel like all the hard work and those late nights and early morning work has paid him off.

Future Plans :

Rav has bigger plans for the future. He will continue to draw high-quality artwork that will be posted daily on this account. He plans to consistently draw and edit pictures, producing better-quality art and videos for his followers on Instagram. Furthering his skills with better equipment, he intends to recognize his work and attract more attention.

He wants to grow professionally as an artist and wants to ensure that his name shines bright in this particular field. He not only wants to be commercially successful but wishes to build an artistic legacy. To know more about Rav Star and his artwork, follow him on Instagram on –ravstar_13

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