Ravi Rajapaksha an Entrepreneur, Instagram influencer, Digital marketing icon in Sri Lanka

A wide array of new fields blossomed over the past decade of the internet and technology where people were more confident to embrace the growth of the internet as a blessing to try out new things. Ravi Rajapaksha is one such cheerful personality born to think divergently and breaking ground in creative stuff.

We all have had dreams to get a successful and independent life where we are not tied by any rules and regulations. Only those who have the courage to prove that they can achieve these dreams have a clear goal and a vision to achieve the best out of the rest. Ravi is such an individual who decided to create his path by understanding the potential of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social media handles, and its power.

Ravi Rajapaksha was born on 27 August 1996 and he is a Sri Lankan entrepreneur, brand strategist, marketer, PR expert, and writer. He is considered a prolific digital brand-builder for individuals and companies by several media houses.

Ravi Rajapaksha has a background in social media management and has built a network of over million Instagram followers. He is known for building digital brands for high profile clientele through social networks, media, influencers, and other media solutions.

As Steve Jobs Once Said, ‘People with passion can change the world, Ravi does strongly believes in his passion and started to chase them to make his dreams true. Hence he followed his passion for traveling and started to traverse around Sri Lanka which is Ravi’s motherland.

Ravi had a burning thirst to become a key icon as a digital creator. So he synced all his talents and passion which is traveling, where it gave an outstanding output with a synergy. He is a well-famed character for using social media advertising. His Instagram profile is a good example to showcase his mastered creativity. He always tries to bring something beyond the ordinary in his contents and one could not think twice to follow him on social media handles.

He is such a social media influential character who never fails to surprise his audience with breathtaking captures, IGTV videos, and all the IG contents. He has been able to earn a good online reputation for his creations through Instagram. Ravi has a great personality in the field of digital marketing in social media handles as a trendsetter and as a tastemaker.

Because of that, he has huge social media followers (50, 000) who believe in his uniqueness where he could be able to own verified Instagram followers including high-profile clients. The brilliant and unique color in Ravi’s contents has been able to attract a huge audience including famous personalities such as Jonathan Armour, an American actor, Open Gate Studios, an American film production company, Ana Tortosa, a British photographer, Elizabeth Ashley, an American fitness model.

As a young digital creator, Ravi has already reached a milestone in his digital marketing life since his new Instagram filters were gone viral all over the world by reaching more than ten million users within a short period of time like few months. It pretty much briefs how talented and creative is Ravi Rajapaksha when it comes to creating content.

Today, Ravi is on the right path in his digital marketing life. He has his own digital marketing company named Nextenco and he could be able to share his outstanding talents as a social media manager ( Instagram ) at Open Gate Studios which is a well famous film production company in the USA.

Ravi was recognized as an Instagram influencer recently. It’s not a piece of good news for his audience but all the Sri Lankans because his Instagram handle is powerful enough to attract tourists to Sri Lanka. At this stage, he has decided to move into business for himself in the Instagram digital marketing platform.

In addition to that, he confirmed that he has a plan to go beyond and do something more for the community from his talents and experiences. He has a deep-rooted vision to go for a new venture and start a new organization in order to support Instagram micro-influencers with his top-secret tactics. It will be a piece of great news to the emerging community to rank higher in Instagram search results, attract target audience and earn profit through it.

It is interesting to know that as much as he loves doing creative stuff Ravi is also a passionate entrepreneur, a well-played expert in the field of tourism. He says that he has plenty of experiences in the field of tourism, to share with the world. It is obvious that every career needs some habitual skills that should be mastered to become an expert in that specific field. It is the same in the travel and tourism industry as well.

Ravi is equipped with such skills to become an expert in the field of travel and tourism. He is the founder of Sri Lanka Elephant Safari. He knows the power of meeting customer requirements and his knowledge in the field of geography adds more colors to his travel and tourism business. He always tries to keep him up to date regarding the industry.

Ravi has some unique skills to attract people to him with his brilliant verbal communication skills, customer service skills, funny, friendly, and charismatic personality which is a must that one could have in the field of travel and tourism. Ravi’s professionalism in the field of travel and tourism never fails to amaze the customers which helps him to expand his career.

He never let go of his passion and that reminds us all to take the traditional way out forgetting our dreams as he constantly follows for opportunities and trends. So we all waiting to see more amazing stuff which will change the game in social media handle, digital marketing, and also in travel and tourism field where rest will become the history.

Official site : http://www.ravirajapaksha.com/

Instagram  : https://www.instagram.com/ravi_rajapaksha/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ravi.rajapaksha.9

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravi-rajapaksha-b620bb127/

Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/ravirajapaksha

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