Ravi Soni: Started When He Was 17, Has Grown His Marketing Enterprise And PR Agency Bigger Than Imagined

Ravi Soni was only a young boy when he discovered about the marketing agency and since then he has never backed out from it. Though he never had a mentor to guide him along with his work, he had already a good friend who not only introduced him to specialize features of Facebook ad making but also helped him to learn everything so that he could achieve his target easily.

Obviously, all the work was not done immediately after he learned the work and he had to gain more knowledge on the topic. It was his smart decision to start out young at the age of 17 instead of waiting like everyone else to pass their colleges or complete their higher education. He was born and brought up in Jaipur and is now living in Bangalore so that he could balance both his work environment and his higher education.

Like any other entrepreneur, Ravi Soni had to go through his own share of struggles too. One of the most difficult things that he had to face was to raise funds while he was starting out with his business so that he could invest in it. Investing in shares was a little complicated and so was the procedure for raising capital, but like everything else, there is a first time. This opened up new paths and opportunities for Ravi.

However, Ravi knew that he had to achieve his target and so there are only two things that are going to help him along with this. The number one thing being patient and the second thing is confidence. He obviously had an idea that a business enterprise does not grow overnight and it is usually a tough gamble in the long run and so he only had to focus on working hard and satisfying his clients apart from reaching out to as many people as possible. And obviously, confidence in the work that he does would help him build his self character and also give out better results. Because let’s be honest, self-doubt has never helped anyone.

The main job Ravi Soni is working as a PR Specialist and FB advertisement Strategist. All this is related to digital marketing in general. He has used Instagram to reach out to people and has more than 10,000 followers in it. With the good work in progress, he hopes that he would be able to expand the reach of his company and fulfill all the goals in his life, especially the one of traveling the world.

If there is one thing that he would like to suggest to the readers is that we need to break all the barriers, and that won’t happen by itself, we have to work very hard on it and not worry about the results, only worry about today and the future will be through just as we refuse to give up and continue with our goal diligently.

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