Ray Kirk Looks To Inspire Others Through His Music

Growing up in Japan was difficult for Ray Kirk because he was treated differently because he’s biracial. He had to go above and beyond with every chance to prove that he has what it takes to succeed. This chip on his shoulder has shaped him into the artist he is today, and he is utilizing his platform to support others who are going through similar difficulties. With a good head on his shoulders and a melodic voice to go with it, he is ready to inspire others and take his career to the next level.

When Ray Kirk describes his music, he thinks of three words: faith, freedom, and power. This upcoming underground hip-hop musician is leveraging his distinct and robust sound to propel his career forward in 2021. Kirk is no stranger to the music industry, having performed since the age of 16 and been scouted by Columbia Music Japan. Since then, he has been creating and producing songs while waiting for his big break.

Ray Kirk, who always has his listeners’ best interests at heart, intends to release a number of new songs over the following year. “In June, I have an album called “We Made It” coming out; it’s about believing in and realizing the vision that I saw,” Kirk explains. This offers his admirers something to look forward to, and the anticipation grows every day as they wait for the release.

From live concerts at the age of sixteen to forging his own path in the music industry, watch for this independent musician to create waves as he makes his way through the business. Ray Kirk will go to any length to elevate his profession to the level he desires, and it will be thrilling to see him achieve his goals. Keep an eye on Ray Kirk as he continues his journey and takes his profession to the next level over the following year.

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