R&B Artist Peabo J Is All Set To Steal Hearts With His Upcoming New Single “SHE KNOW WHAT’S UP”

Peabo J
  1. With his latest single “She know what’s up”, iconic R&B star Peabo J is ready to create a buzz among music listeners all across the globe, releasing the sound on 25th June 2021. Flavorful rhythmic music is his forte and this track with its brilliant production will be taking the same niche forward. It has an exceptional beat music configuration and the transitions flow like water. The upbeat sound design lends a major hook to the single and his magnetic vocal tone is the highlight of the work. The song tells a story strongly identified with his generation and those wanting to be part of it. No doubt, it is already a smash hit on the biggest platforms.

Born and raised in Selma, Alabama, Peabo J’s childhood was spent vibing throughout with melodies, learning integral key elements for a successful music career. He inherited all these personality traits through his own family members, who kept the legacy alive and made music their livelihood for decades. The sweat and hard work have taken years to prove and now, “Peabo J” has become the household name to cherish forever.

His compositions like “Freak for you”, “Party the night away”, “Another round”, plus his recent hit “Play that love song” have garnered him immense success and a dedicated fan following, eventually making him a king of dance-pop and R&B music. The themes formed by Peabo always have this deep soulful aspect along with visual satire of colliding the worlds of glam and emotion together. Over and above, it is to be said that only Peabo J has the power to make it possible to swirl them with blues and dance-pop.

Well, it goes without saying that one cannot fail to notice the vocal talents of the artist Peabo J, as his range is surprisingly far-reaching and rich with the sour and sweetness of utmost melodies. This time around he has come with a track that will definitely catch the hearts of his fans. A club banger that today’s youth will definitely connect with. This is your time to go with She know what’s up.

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