Read about Andrew Ace Thomas’ Inspiring Journey From a Sports Intern to a Successful Businessman.

Andrew Thomas is a sports intern who has become a well-established Entrepreneur. He began his sports career in 2009 where he was an intern at DA sports management. In 2011 he joined the sports impact. Soon after that, he upgraded his position to President at the Impact Sports Basketball Operations.

Here, they represented American professional basketball players such as Will Barton from team Denver Nuggets, Taurean Prince from team Cleveland Cavaliers, etcetera.   However, he has currently collaborated with Young Jeezy in a sports company. It was due to his connections in the sports industry that he was able to launch his own clothing and cannabis brand.

Thomas is very proud of his cannabis brand and clothing line which is situated in Los Angeles. Besides this, he owns a consulting firm where the top personas in Sports Industry and major brands are consulted.

The company was founded by Andrew Ace Thomas . Andrew began his career in the sports industry developing branding and managing sport talent.Through the year he developed a niche for helping brands bring their company vision to actualisation by using his extensive network and expertise.

Andrew has worked with brands/talent like pink dolphin, ask tabs wellness. Young jezzy, will barton , taurean prince , maxim just to name few

The lack of black representation in the cannabis space inspired Andrew to bring his knowledge gained in the sports/entertainment space to the cannabis market

“Success means failure set in order to be successful. You’re going to have plenty of failures in your life and you have to embrace it.” quoted Thomas. He believes that without failure and obstacles, success cannot be achieved. Failure builds a person so that they can continue on their path to achieving their goals.

However, Thomas had to work hard for the position he is currently in. Similar to other businesses, there is bound to be good and bad times. However, he believes that irrespective of that, one has to keep working hard and striving for success. Failures are inevitable and one needs to embrace them and learn from them in order to keep moving forward. This is Andrew’s mantra.

Thomas’s advice to aspiring people who wish to be successful was, “When life allows you to raise the stakes double down go all-in bet on yourself.” This implies that in order to be successful, one has to give one all, even if it ends up in failure. If you do not have enough confidence and give your all to something, you will never get the desired results.

Talking about his future plans, Thomas plans to launch his brand this month, that is July. After the grand launch, his new clothing line would be showcased in stores. We wish him the best of luck in all his endeavours.

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