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One will be knocked down many times in their life, but you have to get up after you fall every time

It doesn’t matter how many dark paths you have to walk, at some point of the journey there will always be a ray of light that will lead you to a bright future. One will be knocked down many times in their life, but you have to get up after you fall every time. There is no quitting. Achieve your goals, live your dreams and do whatever is needed to make you feel happy.

There are thousands of people who will try to demotivate you indirectly or directly but just believe in yourself and trust the process, make your dreams come true, show them that they were wrong about you and you have the ability to do what you have planned for yourself.

Curtis Weeks always tried to brush himself off and get back up, no matter how angry, emotional or sad some things made him in his journey. He learnt a lot from his failures and there is nothing to be ashamed of failing, if you are failing it means you are trying something, you are working on your goals. If you feel like quitting, always remember why you started the particular thing.

People underestimate others who are trying to do something for themselves but again nothing should stop you from succeeding. All these experiences are why Curtis is now helping many others by being a mental performance coach.

It is important and necessary for one to have a coach in all the different stages of their life. It helps you to keep motivated towards your goal and desired life. With some specific tools and guided visualization, Curtis Weeks is here to help you discover your true potential. Thousands of capabilities spring up in you, you just need to discover them.

Recently, Curtis Weeks has written a book called. ” FROM WHY ME TO TRY ME”.  He wants millions of people to read it. He says, ” My story is very tame compared to others I have witnessed and heard.”. Curtis wants one to speak about their feelings instead of bottling up their emotions or how they feel about a particular thing.

He feels if people read his book, they will get the courage to speak up after reading what he has experienced. This is a story based on true events which are dedicated to each and everyone but especially the children, teenagers and adults who always think that they are always alone, no one cares for them.

Curtis Weeks loves to guide people and interact with his clients or followers. He has almost 10.1K followers on Instagram, no doubt that in future he will have more followers because of the help he provides by bringing someone back on track.

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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