Read How Business Coach Matt James Hersh Delivers Meaningful Impact

Matt James Hersh is a business coach and consultant that helps entrepreneurs and experts in their fields create meaningful impact with their business. He helps his clients launch 6-figure businesses in a low-touch, high impact way so they can make money doing what they love and have the freedom to explore the world. Matt has such a unique ability to help business owners do this because this is exactly what he’s done in his own business and life.

Matt himself was stuck in a place where he didn’t feel like he was making impact. He didn’t feel like the work he was doing was aligned with his true gifts and potential. In 2016, after receiving his master’s from an Ivy League University, Matt went on to work as a corporate consultant at a prestigious firm in Boston. He worked 80-hour weeks and learned a lot.

The experience turbo-charged his ability to work hard, take lots of inputs, extract insights with impact, create sharp, specific deliverables, and serve the client with everything he had. All of these things are helpful in his business today, but at the time he was feeling exhausted, energy drained, and started to see his health decline due to his demanding time-consuming work schedule.

He explains that he has always had a passion for health and human optimization. While still at the consulting firm he launched a personal blog called FitinCorporate. Through FitinCorporate Matt was able to share what he was doing, including meals, workouts, movement, and mental shifts, to stay healthy in the context of his busy corporate job.

Matt soon realized that his point of greatest impact lied in converging his skillset of strategy consulting with his passion for long-term health and human performance. He left the high-paying consulting firm to do 3 months of unpaid pro-bono work within a fitness company.

After the gig, he realized there was still more impact he could make. So, he presented what he calls a “I’ll take you to the moon” proposal to the management team. They loved it and made him COO of the company. Matt created a huge impact and secured hundreds of thousands of seed-funding and led the development of a suite of upgraded products and services.

Again, Matt found himself exhausted and now, making a lot less money. This is when he realized, “Instead of thinking in career stepping-stones, it was time to leap into my vision and create my ultimate business, in a way that would give an unlimited life.”

From there Matt created a program that would help his clients overcome their biggest problems and achieve the life they want to live. His coaching program changes his clients lives and businesses and results in them, “Waking up to multiple 5k payments in their bank account, getting new followers on a daily basis, having the freedom to do the things they love, and have daily time to rest, meditation, and health and fitness.”

Matt made 117K in the first year of his business and is on track to his first 1M year. Matt is an inspiration to many, and we wish him luck in achieving big goals and helping others to achieve their own.

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