Ready for a Unique Persian-Jewish Dating App? Boos Co. Will Make Things Easier.

Arash Barmaan

There are umpteen industries that are currently being disrupted by so many passionate beings and astute minds out there.

These talented beings, therefore, are already on their path to glory and have been giving it their all to make a positive difference in society or change mindsets for the better through their work. It is time for the world to embrace more of such innovations in business and the world that can help them take multiple steps ahead and reach exponential growth.

Arash Barmaan did the same when through his company Boos, he announced the launch of the world’s 1st ever Persian-Jewish dating app.

The start of something unique.

Arash Barmaan, as the Founder and CEO of Boos, says that he realized there was a need to address this thing in the dating genre.

“I conceptualized the app to serve both the cultures specifically because arranged marriages are still common, where the families expect both the parties to bring a certain pedigree to the union.”

His bold choices to reach this far.

Arash Barmaan says that he belonged to a traditional family in the Middle East, where he was expected to conform to the stereotype of being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. He, however, was much interested in professional basketball and then navigated his way to become a known internet entrepreneur.

He saw how other companies tried only to follow trends and attract their target audience. But, Arash Barmaan wanted to create something different, and as he saw what was lacking in the dating app genre, he decided to build one, catering to these two particular cultures.

Throwing light on Boos.

He explains that Boos is for all those who wish to pursue a career of their choice, love their profession, and date and marry without getting bogged down by any societal pressures, constraints, and expectations. 

Poly, the app.

Adding further, Arash Barmaan says that his company will also be announcing the release of Poly, an incredible app built for polyamorous dating. Non-monogamy dating/relationships have been on a constant rise, which has directly made involvement in open relationships less of a taboo. The app will help people find more of such individuals and find joy and peace in their relationships.

Arash Barmaan, with his Persian-Jewish dating app and polyamorous dating app, has truly been changing the game in the dating app sector and gradually making his name prominent as an internet entrepreneur. To know more, you can follow him on Instagram @arash_barmaan.

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