Ready Player DAO Partners With Avalanche

One of the top web3 gaming guilds called Ready Player DAO has joined forces with the Avalanche network; specifically Avalanche Labs and Avalanche Gaming. Ready Player DAO is helping Avalanche by providing content creators and streamers so that Avalanche can grow its web3 presence. They are also helping Avalanche by writing articles, making social media posts, doing live Twitter spaces, and creating video content. The goal of this partnership is to inform the world about the growing lineup of web3 games on Avalanche and the teams behind them. These marketing efforts should help to keep existing users and bring new ones to Avalanche.

This is a great time for Avalanche to team up with Ready Player DAO because Avalanche is quickly earning a reputation as one of the best web3 gaming chains. Some excellent titles to look out for include Shrapnel and Pulsar. Both games have excellent teams behind them with tons of experience in gaming. In order for mass adoption from web2 to web3 gaming to occur, Avalanche will need access to a large network of influencers, Twitch live streamers, content creators, and community builders. This is exactly what Ready Player DAO specializes in.


The partnership gets even deeper and really highlights the multi-faceted nature of just how many partnerships Avalanche is building. Ready Player DAO is now operating a validator node on the Avalanche network. A validator node is like a server, constantly verifying and authenticating data on the network. This is important because it adds to the web3 ecosystem that Avalanche is working to create. One Twitter user also pointed out that Ready Player DAO used Amazon Web Services to create the validator node, which takes advantage of the recent partnership between AWS and Avalanche. Partnerships on partnerships on partnerships.

Online FUDsters have been doing their thing lately…casting doubt as to the validity of the recent Avalanche partnerships. Thankfully we have some quotes from the suits of both organizations:

“We’re excited to partner with Ava Labs to help grow the future of Web 3 gaming. This partnership really demonstrates the commitment that both Ava Labs and Ready Player DAO have to support game developers and gamers.”

Rich Cabrera, Co-Founder of Ready Player DAO.

“Our support of Ready Player DAO is an investment in our current and future game developers. We’re building the future of Web3 gaming with our countless ecosystem partners, and that includes leveling up the way we accelerate the growth of the projects building on Avalanche.”

Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs

Final Thoughts

The web3 gaming revolution is real, and it’s not slowing down. Avalanche has been making a lot of moves lately, and this partnership with Ready Player DAO is just another piece of the puzzle. As Avalanche continues to grow its web3 gaming presence, we should expect more partnerships like this in the near future.

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